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ALDI Isotonic Sports Drink (like lucozade Sport) £1.19 for 4 all the time
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ALDI Isotonic Sports Drink (like lucozade Sport) £1.19 for 4 all the time

Posted 28th Sep 2011
For a few weeks now I have been buying the Aldi own brand of Isotonic sports drink. It is £1.19 for a pack of 4 (WAS £1.25) compared to the lucozade which are about £3.80 for 4. Even when the lucozade is on special at half price they are still more than this. In my opinion these taste nicer aswell because they are not as sweet and syrupy as the lucozade but the nutitional value is about the same. Hope this helps somebody out.
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Its a deal if you normally buy lucozade at 3 times the price.
I would certainly appreciate somebody letting me know about it if I didn't already know.
Which ever way you look at it, it's not Lucozade.
I've just poured loads of sugar into water, is that a deal?
If you think sugar into water will help you rehydrate whilst balancing your electrolytes then go ahead and do it and see how far you get running a marathon. I posted this to help somebody, not for smartass comments from people who have no education and are only looking to make a clever comment but just show their own ignorance.
So if somebody finds on for example 7 DAYSHOP a battery charger for 12p with batteries included and free delivery but it is their own brand not available anywhere else its not a deal?
I am sure I would want to know about it!
Is the orange juice you get free?. Did the person who said sugar in water mention salt? Is the sugar free? If so please let other people in on the deals.
Whichever way you look at it this is a deal, it could potentially save somebody hundreds of pounds by not having to shell out for the overpriced lucozade (or orange juice,sugar,salt etc if they decide to follow the recipe and make their own.) It is more of a deal than the endless so called deals from Tesco which dont exist,or another deal on Alien quadrilogy Bluray or Lord of the Rings or The Bourne Trilogy at 25 pence cheaper than it was last week. If anybody wanted these blurays surely they would have them by now and wouldn't be wating for an extra 25p saving. It is an original post and will save somebody serious money if they really do want a deal.
Just saw your recipe which needed 500ml fruit juice. Unless you have an orange tree in your back garden you will have to buy that somewhere ,and of course you don't buy the cheap own brands so thats gonna cost you more than my DEAL will. Now give it up you've lost and can have no answer to that.
Just thought ,even if you have got an orange tree in your back garden it wouldn't be a named brand so you would not use it anyway.
Lets face it most items can be made at home if you really want to . Any grocery deals on here by your'e reckoning should be cold! Bread- why not buy flour,yeast etc and do it yourself, baked beans buy some haricot beans, tomatoes (make your own sauce), salt ,sugar and do it yourself. Eggs - buy a chicken....!!
If you read my original posting I did not say it was lucozade. Its better than that and it will save you a fortune and the fact that it is not cold but very slightly hot means that even though you have tried to sabotage my deal I think you will agree that more people are supporting my deal and I am the winner!!!!
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