Aldi Kites £2.59 @ Aldi

Aldi Kites £2.59 @ Aldi

LocalFound 30th Aug 2016
Aldi have just got in new kites, marked at £4.99 but scan at £2.59. Stunt kits, large diamonds, pentagons, younger ones (croc, bee, owl, etc),
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not very good, they tend to break quite easily
I've found the opposite, I bought a trapezoid one last year. Excellent kite and flies in a gentle wind through to about 20mph. It has needed the odd stitch repaired to keep the poles in due to some heavy landings. But still going strong after a year, much better than polythene ones.

We've only tried out the stunt kite so far today and it seems fine although not as easy to fly as the trapezoid in the gentle breeze today.
i found the bit that keeps the poles in gets pierced upon heavy landings, i have been through to kites already with the same issue..

maybe will try and stitch the one i have to see if i can get it to work
nice find op, heat added
These are slightly different to the old ones in that the sockets where the poles go have quite a heavy duty nylon taping at one end and a similar thing held in place by a Velcro strap at the other.

One thing I did notice in the stunt kite is that a couple of the clips were broken either from new or from the first flight, these should stop the connectors from riding up and down the poles. A couple of rubber bands easily fix that. I won't be flying it in winds above 20mph, but for fun with the kids it is fine.

Also I was wrong about the croc one. It is not for little ones. It is over 2.5m long! I think tge owl and bee were smaller though. It flies OK, but again the gentle breeze isn't really strong enough today to keep it up for more than a couple of minutes. Roll on windy days ...
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