Aldi Large Kites instore £2.99 from £4.99

Aldi Large Kites instore £2.99 from £4.99

LocalFound 26th Aug 2014
Stunt Kite, approx. 170 x 70cm
Parachute Kite, approx. 120 x 52cm
Diamond Kite, approx. 124 x 152cm
Pentagon Kite, approx. 100 x 120cm
Bat Kite, approx. 150 x 60cm
Butterfly Kite, approx. 125 x 75cm
Trapezium Kite, approx. 183 x 81cm
Delta Easyflyer, approx. 140 x 213cm (incl. tail)
Box Kite with Wings, approx. 99 x 80cm

Picked up the Stunt and Parachute kites on Bank Holiday Monday in Selsdon Branch. A good price as both are stunt kites with two hand controls. Just need drier weather and a strong wind.
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Bargain OP! Anyone know how good these are?
They have carbon rods, and same spec as my £25.00 kite that's half the size
Bought 2 of these at 4.99. The stunt kites take a bit of getting used to flying. The box and trapezium are easy to fly and are great for the kids. Good spot OP.
Part of the pleasure of shopping at Aldi, is that you never know what's turning up next. In a week these could be replace by an angle grinder, or wet suit. Heat.
I bought the bat kite last year, it never flew properly. I also bought the dragon kite, its excellent, flies well every time cos its large and single string so great for kids. The diamond duel string kite's control handles wouldn't hold the locked off string properly so it was impossible to control. And the stunt kite needs high winds and a lot of space to be able to control it, not a beginner kite. The parachute kite is also not a beginner kite and not easy to fly. For £3 they're great value though. Plenty of variety.
My son has been asking for a kite, thanks for the heads up
I love a good kite, especially after walking the dog then a coffee.. (_;)
Dual control stunt kite is difficult to fly.
If you're having trouble flying these, check that both lines are equal length when under tension, otherwise the kite will always pull to one side. Also, as these are fairly small kites, they will react very quickly, so you only need to pull the line a little bit to make them turn 6-12", 15-30cm.

Please note that with these nylon control lines, when the kite is fully powered up, the lines are like a cheese wire. Do not wrap the line around your hands or fingers. Make sure any spectators are always behind the pilot, and don't let kids chase the kite. Always keep a look out for other people or animals, and either land the kite, or move it to directly above your head until they are at a safe distance. Also, if you need reminding not to fly near powerlines, pylons or substations, then perhaps you shouldn't have bought one in the first place
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Awesome! Thanks OP, been after a new stunt kite for a while since my current one has lost a wing support and has a cracked rod one side.

Just really wish they had better designs than boring rainbows
brill thanks. got the box kite and the bat. mine only cost £2.49 though. maybe they've dropped price again?!
Just got 3 from my local store (Belle Vue, Middlesbrough) they were £2.49 not £2.99

I bought the Stunt Kite, The Delta Kite and The Diamond Kite which has a skull and cross bones on it, good Pirate one for my nephew.

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