Aldi Mediterranean Plants £14.99 from 27th February

Aldi Mediterranean Plants £14.99 from 27th February

£14.99ALDI Deals
Found 22nd Feb 2014
Bring a sunshine feeling to your house or conservatory this Winter.

Choose from: Kumquat, Chinotto, Calamondin, Lemon, Lavender, Olive or Rosemary

Comes with care instructions
Height: 70-100cm
Pot size: 22-24cm
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I have got two olive trees in garden doing well,loads of black olives hanging on the branches,planted them about 3-4 years ago, i think it was aldi or lidl deal when i got them, I was told by italian friend always plant olives in pairs if your don't have another olive tree near by.
The plants at my local aldi always look on their last legs, so I have never been tempted to buy them.
I would love to grow olive trees and scoff home grown olives, but a quick google says 'no' Im in a cold part of Scotland (are there any warm parts lol) and don't have a conservatory. This is a good deal tho - so heated and thanks for posting
Sounds a good deal will try some lavender ones coz they smell nice ... But maybe Aldi will sell more if they sold "WATER LILYS" with this lovely british weather maybe we could all grow them then ! Lol :-D
Any chance olives would grow in scotland - dundee?
Just brought one of your Mediterranean plants (lemon) on the instruction label it states for decoration only,not for consumption, can the lemons not be used then, if so what a waste of money and time growing them please clarify
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