Aldi mushy peas, was 17p then 13p...Now 10p (300g)

Aldi mushy peas, was 17p then 13p...Now 10p (300g)

Found 2nd Apr 2012
Went into my local today and they've dropped the price again, not sure if this is national though. (My local is Sheffield St Mary's), will upload receipt in comments.
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they are nice. heat added

Edited by: "welche2" 2nd Apr 2012
no wonder tesco have reduced theirs!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mushy peas.
10p in St Helens ALDI, bought a few tins even though already had some!
bought some tesco basic ones last night for 8p unsure what they are like though..
I eat mushy peas twice a week with mint sauce. I cannot leave a shop without buying mushy peas. Do i have a problem?

PS Asda mushy peas are best.
I eat Ramsden's & they turn my wee luminous green!!
Are these as good as the lockwoods frozen mushy peas ?
good price
Is there a mushy pea price war goin on as tesco av em for 8p. I remember the baked bean price war with no frills beans for 3p back in 1992
^ and the banana war, at one point Tesco were paying you to take them away!
I remember the bread war which seen tesco reduce their value loaf to 7p
i remember the war of the roses
My Aldi dont even sell them i checked today.
Cook yourself a meat pie load it with mash then plonk mushy peas on top.
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