Aldi nappies bow available online, size 3 98 nappies, £4.99 @aldi

Aldi nappies bow available online, size 3 98 nappies, £4.99 @aldi

Found 21st May 2017
Aldi nappies are now available online. These are the only nappies we use after pampers gave her a rash.…e=0
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Different sizes available not just size 3…e=0
These are brilliant nappies always get them for my kids when on offer much better than branded nappies heat
Put an order in for some size 6 the other day, and noticed they had dropped to £4.99 (used to be £5.79). Not sure if the reduction is temporary but definitely welcome.

They are good nappies and the free delivery online makes it even better.
I picked up a box of size 4+ two weeks ago for this price at my local aldi but thought it was store specific and for limited time only. Heated.
As used by Boris Johnson
Perfect for me as I struggle buying these with young baby and with the use of a trolley.

Heat added, thanks for sharing.
Amazing nappies, wish we had Aldi in Northern Ireland
not used these nappies,but aldi mammia wipes are brilliiant. Just as good as johnsons and pampers wipes,but aldi ones are a lot cheaper!
Another exclusive Aldi nappy user here (well I don't use them but you know what I mean!). When we've been caught short in the past we've tried Asda, Lidl, Pampers and whatever it is that her nursery use, these Aldi nappies are the best we've used. Certainly as good as the big name brand like Pampers or Huggies. She wears these through the night and she's dry and comfortable with no leaks.

As mentioned the wipes Aldi sell are excellent too, unfortunately they don't home deliver the excellent value 'big box' that they have of these.
I'll add my daughter's recommendation to these too.
ordered size 6 thanks, equivalent to 120 nappies for £10, much better than Tesco which is 90 nappies for £10

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That's a brilliant price, yes I also agree pampers are awful and when forced to use them when out and run out they've given a rash to both of mine in the past, even only after 40minutes wear until we get home. Aldis nappies are the best by far! Boots ones are really good too but the price difference is huge now they've reduced them? Hope this price sticks? And much prefer the sensitive Aldi wipes to any brand names, don't irratate and always stay nice and moist without drying up like other branded ones do, heat from me
brilliant find. my nearest aldi is a 20 minute drive away so this is perfect
Great for bedwetting heat
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