Aldi Own brand Vive cola 39p

Aldi Own brand Vive cola 39p

LocalFound 10th Mar 2014
Having seen Tesco hike its price of their own brand cola's from 59p to 89p I have resorted to shopping around for cheaper alternatives whilst hopefully still getting a half decent flavour. Tried ASDA's at 2 for £1.20 which were ok but a bit flat and slightly watery.
Today I bought a bottle of diet coke and a bottle of Cola ZX Aldi's version of Coke Zero, normal price 42p but currently at 39p. Was pleasantly surprised at the fizzyness and comparable flavour (IMHO) to Tesco's own.
I would be interested to see which other own branded cola's people would recommend. In our small household we go through 12 to 16 2 litre bottles a week and can't justify the price of Coke or Pepsi. I have complained to Tesco and got the usual corporate baloney.
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i prefer the Lidl version tastes really good on its own
I'd agree this taste's nice considering the price. Tesco's Almond flavour cola was my personal favourite, but they seem to have knocked that on the head & hiked the price of everything else...
not a fan of this....
I prefer rola cola.
Asda's Zero added sugar one is 42p.
You drink between 24-32 litres a week?! That is crazy! If there are 4 of you that is still close to a litre per person!? Omg try water!

I prefer rola cola.

Flat Rola Cola. Lovely ice cold when you have a hangover.
u go through 12-16 bottles a week ? does ur family have any teeth left lol
OMG u serious??
What out for parkingeye in their car park.

we go through 12 to 16 2 litre bottles a week

OP =

OP's kids =

OP's OH waiting for the dreaded dentist =

but yeah, i buy >1< bottle of aldis own brand coke a week and I prefer it to Tesco/Asda's.
always been this price mate!!

just because rip off Tesco hiking prices don't mean any other retailer will!!
It's nice cola to be fair. Although I gave it up approx a year ago and moved to lemonade or water, it makes a huge difference! Heat added though as Aldi is brill…la/ not trying to be the party pooper, but a very interesting read.

always been this price mate!!just because rip off Tesco hiking prices … always been this price mate!!just because rip off Tesco hiking prices don't mean any other retailer will!!

I whole heartedly agree hence why canvassing opinion from you good hukders as far as i am concerned is another nail in the Tesco coffin. They have been screwing the public for years.
Keep the comments coming having a good laugh ;-)
couldn't believe the tesco price hike. well less excuse to go to tesco I suppose ~:)
what has the op's drinking habits got to do with you lot?? lol! op we get through a similar amount of cola in this house, you're not alone! We've tried quite a few of the cheaper brands & aldi was joint favourite with tesco, but after this price hike aldi will be our main choice!
To be fair, aldi cola is very nice. This is the stuff I buy!
I think that stuff is okay. The 19p stuff (not surprisingly) is bloody awful though, tastes like it has not very well crushed up Sweetex in it. Not amount of spiced rum can cover it. Reserve that for cleaning the bog.

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I have a Pepsi max addiction and I find the Aldi zero version of coke is really good!
Leave the bloke alone. If he wants to drink 20 bottles of coke a week then its his life. Stop jumping on the pc brigade and let people live the way they want to. You people have nothing better to do? I am a bodybuilder of 6 ft 5 tall and 249 pounds and i drink this every day. I dont care what you morons say.
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