Aldi Photo Service launched - Prints from £4 per 100 + low P&P
Aldi Photo Service launched - Prints from £4 per 100 + low P&P

Aldi Photo Service launched - Prints from £4 per 100 + low P&P

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"Receive your photos by post on the best premium paper directly to your home - simple, quick and convenient!"

Service appears to be from Germany, a bit like Pixum. URL shows Photoprintit.de. Print prices start from £4 per 100 (for the usual 3x5 prints) plus £1.33 P&P, which ain't bad

If you plan to vote it cold, thanks for pointing to a better deal.



Standard prints are usually 6"x4" not 5"x3".

Only noticed this today myself - was about to submit the deal until I found this via the search. 18"x12" poster prints for £1.49?! Cracking deal as long as the quality is good. Will definitely be giving them a go.

Voted hot.

Just to let you know I have tried the online photo service and would NOT recommend it to anyone. Although I am a fan of Aldi generally their photo service does not live up to their usual standard. Unless you download the software to your PC then the online service is rather unwieldy. Once I had downloaded the software (and registered 3 times for various aspects of the service) I then set about trying to make a photo book. The software for this kept freezing (I am running Vista but I would have hoped that a new service would be able to deal with that) I finally completed a 26 page hardback book + submitted it to the website. On the 4th try it finally uploaded + I entered my credit card details and the voucher code (entitling me to 50% discount on the aforementioned book) Once I had done this I was told that the total price of £20.32 was to be deducted from my card - this surprised me as a 26pg book with 50% discount + p+p should have cost £9.83! I looked at the order and realised they had charged me for a 34 page book, which was not eligible for the offer. There was no online facility to cancel my order, so I then emailed them and was told I would get a response in 2-3 working days. As I thought that would be too late to stop the order I telephoned them straight away (on a premium rate number) + was told that the people who did the processing didn't work weekends but that a message would be passed on to them. I called back on Tuesday to find out what was happening about my order as I had heard nothing. I was then told (after being put on hold twice - apparently they aren't allowed to call you back) I was eventually informed that they couldn't cancel my order or refund the difference between what I was charged and what I should have been charged. I have been told the only way to get my money back is to return the album once it has been delivered - no doubt costing more time and money. I am very disappointed with the customer service I have received and will definitely not be using them again!

In response to a previous post I wanted to let you know that I too have had problems creating the photobook using Vista - the software is pretty user friendly - with draging and dropping and numerous page layout options. However I also had the problem of it repeatedly freezing when moving between viewing the 'print layout' and the editing layout (could have made a cup of coffee in the time it took to 'unfreeze' and also when choosing the different page layouts. Would really be interested on hearing what the actual quality of the photobooks are like before submitting my 60 page plus 'masterpiece'. They don't seem to give much detail on what the cover of the book is made from, etc (no choice on colours, textures, etc) so any feedback from people who have actually received their books would be appreciated. Must say I tried the tesco photobook software and didn't find it as user friendly although they do have a lot more options for the cover, etc.

just want to add the photo book i received from aldi was absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!
couldnt fault it, it was perfect and of such excellent quality too.
id created a 64 page hard backed covered photo book for my brother and his wife for christmas, the software is easy and very good to use, their customer service staff are very good and helpful when you ring them to ask them for help and advice.
i was so over whelmed when it arrived as it was so professionally done, i had to ring them and thank them, it was perfect, well worth the money, i really do recommend them.

Ok, I see this is a very old topic now but I'll ask anyway as hopefully someone has been using the service - any comments on quality? I want to do a yearly run of photos which last year I conveniently did at Jessops however they don't seem to have any deals on their 7x5's this year (managed to get them at 10p a go for 300), I notice Aldi are doing 7x5's for 10p although it'll be a lot of hassle getting the pictures uploaded.

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