Aldi - Rodo PFPT Folding Paste Table £24.99

Aldi - Rodo PFPT Folding Paste Table £24.99

£24.99ALDI Deals
Found 20th May 2012
Rodo PFPT Folding Paste Table -
Listed by Aldi as just a folding table
Looking online sells for £40-£50
Bargin for DIY or Partys etc etc
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we are getting one today for our jubilee street party . looks good . as op mentioned 40- 50 quid on the net elsewhere
There good for the decorator ,I bought an identical one from a supplier on ebay . Stable and strong .
I was looking for two of these for car boot sales as the wooden ones break all the time.
looks good, could do with a decent paste table.
You can find them with all the Jubilee stuff
Great table 200cm x 80cm. Easy to erect and very stable. Recommended
I've bought one and literally just got it home. As mentioned above it's looooooong, it looks more like a paste table than anything but feels reasonably strong. My only reservation at this time is there is a very slight wobble to it, it's not bad but not nearly as stable as a camping table I saw yesterday. For the money it's pretty good though.
Ideal for the professional tax dodging benefits grabbing carbooter
What are the dimensions and is it all aluminium (what material)?
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