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ALDI Sirloin Steaks with Peppercorn Butter (£7.49 for 2) / Heart Shaped Mini Garlic Pizza Bread £1.29 / Love Heart Brioche £2.49 + More

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About this deal

Most of the range is available from January 29th, others 9th Feb, see dates and more items below.

Heart Shaped Crumpets (£1.09, pack of 2)
Valentine’s Heart Shaped Cookie (£2.49, 149g)
Love Heart Brioche (£2.49, 350g)
Specially Selected Heart Shaped Sharing Bread with Camembert (£3.99, 300g)
Heart Shaped Lobster Filled Pasta (£2.99, 250g)
Specially Selected Sirloin Steaks with Peppercorn Butter (£7.49, pack of 2)
Heart Shaped Mini Garlic Pizza Bread (£1.29, 145g)
Heart-shaped Chicken Love Nuggets (£2.79, 350g)
Heart Shaped Macarons (£2.99, 90g)


  • NEW heart shaped delights include Love Heart Brioche and Heart Shaped Cookies
  • Chicken Love Nuggets, Lobster Pasta and Heart Shaped Macarons are back by popular demand
Love is the air at Aldi with its new range of novelty heart shaped foods, launching just in time for Valentine’s Day. With a treat for every meal, Aldi has breakfast, lunch and dinner covered for everyone from as little as £1.09, on sale from 29th January.

Don’t let relationships crumble with the gift of Aldi’s NEW Valentine’s Heart Shaped Cookie (£2.49, 149g). This Millie’s Cookie inspired cookie is melt-in-the-mouth delicious, decorated with red and pink hearts. A perfect treat for your Valentine.

Take a trip to the city of love with Aldi’s NEW Love Heart Brioche (£2.49, 350g) available 29th January. The Parisian bread has been made with an enriched dough, which gives it its signature golden colour and a soft and lightly sweetened taste, making this the perfect accompaniment for breakfast in bed. Or for a British staple, Aldi’s popular Heart Shaped Crumpets (£1.09, pack of 2) return to stores on 29th January.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Heart Shaped Sharing Bread with Camembert (£3.99, 300g) is the perfect way to start a dine-in meal for two. Once baked, the delicious bread can be dipped into the molten camembert centre and shared with a loved one.

Perfect for pasta lovers, shoppers can choose the delicious Heart Shaped Lobster Filled Pasta (£2.99, 250g), bursting with sweet, succulent lobster meat – a luxury option without the price tag!

For an option to make hearts melt, choose Aldi’s Specially Selected Sirloin Steaks with Peppercorn Butter (£7.49, pack of 2). The succulent steaks are topped with heart-shaped peppercorn butter and are the perfect main course this Valentine’s. To accompany, try Aldi’s Carlos Heart Shaped Mini Garlic Pizza Bread (£1.29, 145g). Or for a tasty bite, Aldi’s adorable heart shaped Chicken Love Nuggets (£2.79, 350g) are back on sale from 9th February.

For a light dessert, why not try a pâtissier classic with Aldi’s Heart Shaped Macarons (£2.99, 90g). A delicious almond biscuit filled with a choice of white chocolate and raspberry or white chocolate and vanilla flavoured ganache, these delicate macarons are perfect to finish off any meal as a dessert. Available from 9th February.

Returning in all its glory is Aldi’s Specially Selected Vegan Chocolate Melt in the Middle Heart (£2.99, 180g). The heavenly helping of hand-crafted heart shaped chocolate sponge oozes with a rich chocolate filling for the ultimate showstopper this Valentine’s. On sale 9th February.

Aldi’s Heart Shaped range is available in stores and via Click and Collect from 28th January and 9th February.
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  1. Avatar
    2 steak dinner for the singles among us
  2. Avatar
    Aldi steaks are absolutely dreadful
    Personally think they're alright

    Each to their own of course, which is grand!

  3. Avatar
    Isn't the steak option supposed to be for March 14th ?
    No, 9th Feb

    In ALDI press release, on link, and other news articles, including here
  4. Avatar
    Strange that the weights for all the offers are displayed except for the steaks. How can you make a decision if it is a good price or not? If they are 6oz steaks then it is a bad deal if they are 8oz then it is just OK and then there's the butter that will be included in the total weight so could be 2 x 7oz steaks.
    Quite agree.
  5. Avatar
    Wow, a hart shaped garlic bread, pizza, or pasta...it's so romantic. Does anyone fall for this these days?
    I’m a little worried about the chicken love nuggets. Sounds like a bushtucker trial to me.(shock)
  6. Avatar
    I have to say I have been an Aldi customer for over 20 years back in time when most of what they sold was none named varieties and the meat used to excellent but now like every other supermarkets, lots, of items are smaller and advertised as cheaper when iin fact they are smaller. The meat I have purchased over the past 3 years has not been very good which is quite sad because they do keep a, lot of our farmers in business.
    I agree wholeheartedly with you. My last piece of beef from there was nothing short of disgraceful. I wrote to them complaining and enclosed photographs. The fat/gristle was literally tucked inside, there was no way it was visible to the customer. I just thought it was a really sly way of hiding things and it may be a good idea to have a word with their supplier. Sadly, it put me off completely and I haven't purchased any since.
  7. Avatar
    Lobster pasta sounds nice for £2.99
    Me and my beloved are usually working or we sit in on Valentines Day, so these deals are a nice little treat for the two of us
    Love is in the air

  8. Avatar
    Any heart shaped cucumbers? The Mrs would love one