Aldi Ski clothing available online now and Instore tomorrow. Ski jackets £34.99

Aldi Ski clothing available online now and Instore tomorrow. Ski jackets £34.99

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This is a great deal on women’s no men’s ski clothing. If you’re looking to get kitted out for a ski trip or just general cold weather gear i recommend checking out the link.

Best buys are :
mens ans women’s jacket £34.99
men and women’s base layers £8.99
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The jackets showed up as £89 for me?!?
Deal starts on Thursday
HovisUK7 m ago

The jackets showed up as £89 for me?!?

Scroll down the page. The picture is of the 3 in1 jacket at £89.99 but the Inoc jackets are £34.99
10,000g is pretty impressive.

Hopefully the quality is better than the Lidl counterparts - I called in to see those a month or so ago and they both looked naff and felt terrible.
I bought quite a few bits of Aldi ski clothing from their "Ski Pro" range a couple of years ago. While it looked ok, was cheap and appeared to be waterproof, they weren't breathable at all, not even slightly. I didn't find this out until the ski trip itself. When I pulled the ski trousers off at the end of the day, there was literally pools of sweat inside that made a sizeable puddle on the floor, same happened with my kid's Aldi ski jacket. My North Face gore-tex jacket suffered no such problems. I switched to an older backup pair of ski trousers for the rest of the week which were fine.

I've skied and hiked quite a bit so am well used to using performance waterproof and breathable clothing, but this was exceptionally poor breathability. If I hadn't lost my receipt, I'd have taken them back. Yes, they are cheap and to some extent the shortcoming is forgivable, but to advertise them as breathable is just totally misleading tbh.
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Be aware that this is the Technical wear (i.e. better), they had the cheaper stuff a few weeks ago. I've been wearing Aldi ski wear for years and for the price you can't beat it. Heat added.
If their INOC merino beanie is the same as the Crane one I got from them last year, I recommend it. It's superb- ideal for running, as a cycle helmet liner, or for general winter use.…601
Perfect timing.... thanks... I've written a big reminder note on my desk at work for tomorrow.
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Hubby had gear from there 2 years ago and found it wasn't breathable when we were skiing. Took it back and had a full refund. Before then we've all worn their ski gear and it's always been excellent.
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