ALDI, small dessert in glass 69p

ALDI, small dessert in glass 69p

Found 19th AprMade hot 20th Apr
in store, these are generous shot glasses made of glass with thick bottom, ideal for spare shot glasses or presentation set, almost cheaper than buying them empty.

4 flavours: mango, raspberry, double chocolate and coffee

currently in stores nationwide.


I have tasted them and they are yummy.

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I have tasted them and they are yummy.

​yeah that's a plus, bought all the flavours and will have some nice shot glasses after the feast.

Very tasty and very nice glasses.

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I mean it is a regular price but really a steal!

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just had the coffee (not great) and double chocolate (much better), have to say the glasses are pretty damn good, thick and heavy at the bottom and larger than regular shot glasses, suitable for small straight hard liquor...

good find op, heat added

It's a conspiracy.

You buy the desserts for the glasses.

Then you buy the hard stuff from Aldi to fill them.

Chocolate one sounds good

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it's a conspiracy worth falling for!

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important update, had the fruit flavoured ones and these are the best, FYI

These are particularly good shot glasses, picked some up recently
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