Aldi special buy men/women workwear Prices range from £2.99 - £69.99

Aldi special buy men/women workwear Prices range from £2.99 - £69.99

Found 7th Jan 2015
Everything from Socks to a turbo fan gas heater
Prices range from £2.99-£69.99
Instore only
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Starting from tomorrow
Thursday 8th January
the socks are great
Going to give the work trousers a go tomorrow, heat!
Trousers are ace and the socks are ace too
Have the trousers very pleased so far!
Bough 5 pairs of the trousers last year and I am going to buy some more tomorrow they are great for £10
Have the shorts which are great. Doubt they will be on sale tomorrow tho.....
The trousers are good, just bought another pair amd going to try the joggers. Although I found the pockets on the trousers not very hard wearing - probably because of all the screws and nails I keep putting in them!
just been to the one near my work, unless your size is 36,38,40,42 your stuffed. need to stock more of the smaller sizes in future
There work trousers are really good been using them for years.Plenty pockets etc.I went down to buy a couple.Walked down the next isle and they had the same trousers reduced to £2 yes £2.I bought all the ones that were my size.13 altogether.
Trousers are a massive bargain for the price and have last ages.
bought another pair of work trousers today!
does anyone know what the womens sizes are like...i would need a 12 would that be a M ?
Botley branch also has some nice quality padded workshirts (different from the sherpa ones on their website but same range) reduced to £4.99, but only L size left as I grabbed the last M!
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