Aldi spend £70 get £10 back with Amex

Aldi spend £70 get £10 back with Amex

Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018 (Posted 19th Nov 2018)
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Thanks, have it on my Everyday Cashback card...


Not on mine, just checked. Maybe card specific? Good deal though. Heat for Amex, I’ve had some good deals from them.
On all cards, EXCEPT my fee paying Platinum card!
You can only laugh!
Long expiry date, but a big spend for myself.
Could be useful for alcohol, although less than two weeks to Shop Small.
Hoping for the Post Office Amex deal soon.
Not on either of mine. Fee paying platinum
On both my Platinum Cashback Credit Card and Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card but going to be difficult spending £70. Usual weekly shop is only £30!
I’m getting a bit fed up of reading all the good offers for Amex in here and then logging to find them not on my card. Odeon cinemas yesterday and now this today.
It’s saying online only so potentially instore purchases might not qualify
Not on BA AMEX.
Got it on my cashback and BA cards. Didn't notice the online only though. That would make it pretty useless for me.
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Thanks OP , but remember only to be used online,and I also think not on everything. can someone please confirm.
How to spend £70 there?
lnw13110 m ago

How to spend £70 there?


Thanks OP, this was on my platinum. Not surprised it wasn't on my costco amex!
Saved this offer on both mine and my wife's platinum cashback card so thx for the heads up.
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Online only.
monitor135 m ago

Online only.

Cheers, well spotted.
What a shame they don't sell Wetherspoon's gift cards. 😁
Was just going to post this, then saw that you had. Can you amend title so it reads 'online only' please?
Not on my nectar
Not on my platinum card nor my wifes.

Did spot the Morrisons 10% offer though which is better.
Not in my platinum cashback
RockyRobin19th Nov

Not on BA AMEX.

I've got this on my BA amex (blue) and supp card.
Not available on my platinum cashback card which is a shame as spend that regularly at Aldi (probably why the offer isn't available)
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