Posted 3 January 2023

Aldi stove fan £17.99 + £2.95 delivery / also available instore

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About this deal

Available online from today, 3rd jan
And instore from 8th jan
Seems a good price
36 month warranty


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    Mine is still going strong after about 4 years (same one from Aldi)
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    Interesting - do they actually make much difference? I get the theory but does it bear out?
    I've got a 4 blade fan and it made a big difference, so much in fact I've bought another to increase the effect
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    I have a feeling this will get really HOT
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    Does anyone know if these work on top of a radiator?
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    These things are pretty handy if you have a log burner. They help with convection heating of the room/house. Parents use a couple of these to help and direct them on the washing in the winter to dry it faster
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    buy a 4 blade version. ive got this one in the deal and the 4 blade version and 4 blade version is far more better.
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    Don't know what it is but seems a good deal
    Honestly I've seen these so many times and genuinely thought they were replacement fans for kitchen ovens
    Now that I have a log burner I might actually buy one!
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    Wait a few months and any left will me heavily reduced in price
    Top tip ....wait till July to buy the screenwash you need today! It'll be cheaper. You people make me laugh
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    I got one the other day, don't have a log burner or anything, but got the heavy iron skillet pan out, put it on the gas stove, set gas to simmer heat setting and sat this fan in skillet pan. In no time the fan was pushing heat around the kitchen diner, haven't needed central heating in kitchen diner for days. If anyone else is going to do this for any prolonged period make sure you have ventilation and a Carbon monoxide monitor setup. Also make sure the pan is very clean as any oil residue will smoke out.
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