Aldi Super 6 89/99p

Aldi Super 6 89/99p

Found 3rd Aug 2017
Aldi Super 6 starting from today 3/8 until 17/8

Braeburn Apples- min 5 89p

Blush Pears- min 5 89p

Papaya 89p

Blueberries- 150g 99p

Grapes 500g 99p

Flat Peaches- 1kg 99p
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These super 6 are getting worse every time.You can tell by the gondola end as just lately they are half empty.When good deals are on the gondola end is stuffed full.
Their 'Super 6' is also going up in price.
...meh. papaya, bet they're tiny
Satchmo1 h, 42 m ago

Their 'Super 6' is also going up in price.

More than double, what the prices were previously..
These Aldi Super 6's have became super pricey!
It's hardly 'Super' 6 at Aldi anymore. I was just deciding which of the items to add to my shopping list this week and it occurred to me that I can buy all of those goods at lower prices so decided not to have any. I do wonder if Aldi have lulled us into thinking the Super 6 are 'Super' prices, but clearly they are not. They have been increasing for a while. Also the quality of the fruit and veg is as variable at Aldi as it can be in other stores - only less reliable for freshness. Some of Aldi's Super 6 work out more expensively.
How do you find out what Super 6 deals are coming up? I.e. tomorrow
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