Aldi super 6 - change to cheap fruit and veg for 49p
Aldi super 6 - change to cheap fruit and veg for 49p

Aldi super 6 - change to cheap fruit and veg for 49p

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following onto the original post by yos2008, Aldi have changed the fruit and veg in the 49p promotion to:
3 pack of courgettes (£1.99 in Tesco)
mango (£1.48 in Tesco)
cucumber (68p in Tesco)
7 pack funsize apples (over £1 in Tesco)
broccoli 500g (£1.59/kilo in Tesco)
on the vine tomatoes 250g


I absolutely love mangos!!!

The cucumbers and tomatoes are fine but the mangos at my aldi were not ripe...I was impatient and ate it early...tasted horrible. Lesson - don't eat unripe fruit.


If you can go to london, get some egyptian or Pakistani mangos they are the best they come in season in a few weeks time.


[COLOR="Red"]V O T E D

Just been to the Aldi in Kidsgrove.Very hard and certainly not ripe.Oh well, have a wait a week or two.

ALDI Had loads of USA Strawberries last June that tasted horrible ...I wish they would source Fruit and Veg in the UK when it is in season .

Isn't Aldi fruit and veg. irradiated?

its either dodgey or they have no profit margin

Not irradiated (that'd be illegal) or dodgy - merely a bit of a loss-leader to get you in the shop, where no doubt you'll be overwhelmed by the excellent value of their buy-it-now-or-never-see-it-again (until next year anyhow) non-food offerings. An excellent business model - works a treat.

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Isn't Aldi fruit and veg. irradiated?

LOL, do you know I was beginning to wonder what that funny glow all around my body was...I thought I'd just been eating too much Ready Brek!:giggle:

Aldi fruit in our town is ****! I have lost count of the times that I have seen mouldy fruit on their shelves, they never have a sell by date on their fruit, and if you are lucky to buy it without mould it doesn't last very long.

I have seen the staff literally tipping the fruit from one plastic box to another with no thought or care for the purchasing customers future buy.
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