Aldi - tampons own brand - only 79p for 20!

Aldi - tampons own brand - only 79p for 20!

Found 8th Jan 2012
I only go to Aldi for one thing - the tampax!! I am a brand girl but have to say I can't spot the difference - the colour packaging is even the same!

79p for 20 tampax - fab price - have just stocked up and thought I would share this deal with any ladies which don't know about it!!

And fellas - this is not a topic for you!!!!
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I'm not sure she's going to appreciate a 79p Birthday present... not even if I fork out for a years supply.

Brands show you care
Home bargains deals on Tampax or Tesco home brand all the way.
great deal for an inconvenience we have to fork out for! Heat.
Yeah seen these in a car boot sale for similar price... No strings attached :-D
Surely Tampax is a brand.
Do you mean tampons?
hot just for the boldness to share!
That's a bloody marvellous deal ;-)
My wife got these last month for the christmas period
this is a deal with no strings attached
It's such a good deal I think I'll crack open the champagne
Bloody good deal that.,.,.,.,.,.,.
think this will get red hot lol

Bloody good deal that.,.,.,.,.,.,.


That's a bloody marvellous deal ;-)

Bloody hell, beat me to it, and I was going to pull out all the stops...........
I prefer the mooncup for value.

You need to stock up with these, they are bound to be going up soon.


I prefer the mooncup for value.Mooncup...mmmmm

There was some epic threads on here about that lol.
Good deal for Buffy the tampon slayer
Just go with the flow and get some.
79p !!!!............Yer can shove 'em.:p
Would any one like to expand on these
The Vampires equivalent of a Tea bag
Get in.....
i heard cotton buds are for tight girls
Once wet these make great housemates for lonely pet mice
Grow up guys ..............
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One pack a month for 10 years - £94.80

Mooncup £17.99

No contest...

One pack a month for 10 years - £94.80 Mooncup £17.99No contest...

Cork from old bottle of wine = free.

Grow up guys ..............

And outwards !
Good deal, great for stopping nose bleeds!
Can`t seem to find any reviews so for that reason I`m out.
[image missing]

Not nearly as funny as they think they are.
bet they wont do this on their tv advert!!!

i like these, but i also like these...
Well you know where you can shove this deal!
79p - never mind the quality feel the width.
heat just for making me laugh loudly at my monitor ... anyone without a sense of humour shouldnt be using this site imo :P
Yep, I'm glad you got absorbed by the product too!
Hurry as this deal is for a very limited period only.
This deal is cursed.
There's a mouse in the house.
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