Aldi tuna chunks in brine. 62p a tin

Aldi tuna chunks in brine. 62p a tin

Found 5th Jun 2014
aldi quedgeley had the 185g tins. price cut to 62p. bargain I would think it should be national but unsure. asda quedgeley also have the smart price 1s for same price. Hope this helps someone. Thanks
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anyone tried this tuna? I usually buy John West
yes its fine. you get a lot more in than john west and princes. my children love tuna so at this price you can't go wrong
It's rebranded Princes Tuna
Atlantic or Pacific caught ?
its Pacific and imported by Princes food . its 130g drained weight as well
Is it Pole and Line caught? If not it will have been purse-sail fished where they take the whole shoal, and anything else in the hundreds of miles of nets that they use, including turtles, dolphins, sharks and tonnes of other species. This method of fishing is also used on so-call 'Dolphin Friendly' tuna!! Avoid unless the label states 'Pole and Line' fished!
They also do pole and linr caught tuna...tad more expensive not sure how much though...but as disgusting as that kind of fishing wouldn't know if it was pole and line unless you actually caught it yourself...yet with all other terrible things people do to earn a living.....if theres demand...there always something
Tuna is the devil's fish.
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