Aldi winter sale now on...up to 50%off

Aldi winter sale now on...up to 50%off

Found 9th Jan 2015
Just had an email from Aldi winter sale now on ..up to 50% off D.I.Y ...household ect: Hope it might help somebody!


I got that email and if you click on it it takes you to that sale ,,, it started on 27th December so it will every hit and miss if they have any of those items in your local store

Lots of Christmas Stuff.... but you did get it a lot cheaper at every other Supermarket after Christmas
They just wanted it gone....waiting for it to really come down in price before I'll buy now

rubbish. its not in every store. i went to my local in glasgow on the 27th when the sale started. absolutely nothing on sale. went following week and still no sale
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