Aldi's Coquille St Jacques reduced to £2.99

Aldi's Coquille St Jacques reduced to £2.99

Found 22nd Apr 2014
I tried these for the first time yesterday and they were delicious - everyone loved them. They're scallops covered in sort of a breadcrumby cheesy sauce and make a lovely starter to a meal. Great for a dinner party.
Like a lot of Aldi frozen items - they go in the oven frozen. So my "what shall we have for dinner?" moment is sometimes saved by something fresh from the freezer.
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Had these a lot in Paris and they are great! Too expensive for me still at 75p per coquille but very good value!
Thanks for posting, image added
National or local reduction? Aldi don't really do 'offers' in the conventional sense.
I saw this offer in the Batley store so possibly national
This item is from Aldi's Specially Selected range which also has Venison Steaks reduced to £4.99(from £6.99) and a choice of really excellent dessets reduced to £1.99(from £2.99). End of line clearance stock so should be national.
These should be very very nice, I regularly have this at my girlfriends parents in France, a very nice starter and you get a piece of French baguette to mop up the cheese
Had a few packs of these and they are in my opinion very good. I spend a lot of time inFrance and whilst they are not quite up to freshly made standard, they are as good as any comparable frozen one's you get in the supermarkets.
They reduced these after Xmas, we bought a few packs. I'll check at my local.
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