Aldi...Spanish Hot Chocolate £2.99 per tin

Aldi...Spanish Hot Chocolate £2.99 per tin

Found 16th Aug 2012
This has been on promotion in ALDI before I bought some at the time to try, it is the best Hot Chocolate I have tasted so I went back and bought two more tins.

I'll be in tomorrow to stock up again.

One more thing I'am sure this is around £4 in Asda so its nice and cheap too...thanks ALDI.

- Geemac
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Nice hot chocolate and quality re-usable canister to boot.
Yep wonderful stuff - Heat added
Do you make it with milk or water?
Is it the thick stuff?

Do you make it with milk or water?

I make it with full fat blue top milk...much better than semi-skimmed.


Is it the thick stuff?

Yes this is the thick chocolate, but it depends on how much power you add.
Click go to deal, It says thick on the tin.
Very nice tin ~ but prefer Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate, so not voting.
had it before its 'ok'

not really that thick but has starch in the ingredients

would be a quid without the container
If you look at the ingredients, it looks somewhat inferior to the Waitrose Essential version at about three times the price.
How much sugar is in this?
Whenever I've bought hot chocolate there's been way too much sugar in it.
Spanish Chocolate (£2.99 for 350gms):

Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (20%), Starch (E-1420), Vanillin, Cinnamon.

Waitrose Essential Drinking Chocolate ( £1.86 for 500gms):

Sugar, Cocoa Powder (30%), Flavouring. Cocoa solids 25% minimum.

The Spanish Chocolate looks a bit of a con to me!
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