Alesis VideoTrack Camcorder - £89.99 @ Maplins

Alesis VideoTrack Camcorder - £89.99 @ Maplins

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Before anyone insta-votes cold because it isn't HD, this is a camcorder that's focuses more on the audio aspect. It has high-quality stereo condenser microphones, so it's perfect for recording band practices/concerts - which almost all other handheld HD camcorders would fail miserably at (speaking from experience here. HD footage is more or less useless when it's plagued with bad stabilization, and even worse audio).

Create web-ready video that’s perfect for sharing
Upload to social sites such as YouTube and Facebook
High-quality stereo condenser microphone set
Quality video lens and advanced DSP image processing and zoom
Runs on internal, replaceable, rechargeable battery, or plugged in
Records to 32MB internal memory and accepts standard SD and SDHC cards
Connects via USB to Mac or PC for easy video transfer
Headphone and video output jacks for playback and monitoring
Takes still photos with flash
Embedded ArcSoft MediaImpression software with direct YouTube upload

Capture high quality audio and video anywhere.
Digitise The VideoTrack is a portable video recorder designed for capturing gigs and rehearsals, and it''s equally useful for everyday applications such as a night out, kids’ football matches, or creating videos to share on social media websites including YouTube and Facebook. The VideoTrack employs Alesis’ renowned audio recording technology including the same high-quality stereo condenser microphone set found on the ProTrack handheld recorder for iPod.

The VideoTrack has a quality video lens and advanced DSP image-processing technology and zoom. In addition to working as a video camera, the VideoTrack doubles as a handy still-image camera for on-the-go snapshots with and without flash. You can run the VideoTrack on either its internal, user-replaceable rechargeable battery, or plugged into a wall-power source.

The VideoTrack is easy to operate with a large on-screen display and a five-way control system. You can easily mount it on a camera tripod or table stand for stable recording and monitor audio by plugging in a pair of headphones. You can watch playback on a TV or other monitor with the VideoTrack’s composite video output jack. It records onto 32MB of internal flash memory and you can insert SD and SDHC cards for unlimited recording capacity.

The VideoTrack connects via USB to virtually any Mac or PC for easy video transfer. It has embedded ArcSoft MediaImpression software so you won’t have to install it – just plug it in and the program start running! MediaImpression features a direct-to-YouTube button so you can get video from VideoTrack to the web in seconds.

Capture great looking – and great sounding – video anywhere!


Can you plug mics into this?

looks like something out of 'back to the future'
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