Alfred Hitchcock Box Set (14 Discs) - £14.95 @ Play

Alfred Hitchcock Box Set (14 Discs) - £14.95 @ Play

Found 1st Dec 2009Made hot 2nd Dec 2009
Great price on this set.

Titles comprise:
1. Vertigo
2. The Birds
3. Rear Window
4. Marnie
5. Frenzy
6. Topaz
7. The Trouble With Harry
8. Torn Curtain
9. Psycho: Special Edition (includes the Bonus disc the Hitchcock legacy)
10. Family Plot
11. Saboteur
12. Shadow Of A Doubt
13. The Man Who Knew Too Much
14. Rope


No North by Northwest.......Shame!

Damn. I ordered the box six months ago at 29 pounds and thought it would be a bargain. :w00t:

Nice find. Heat added.

Nice, pressie sorted there.

fantastic price!!ordered! have some heat n rep.

got this for xmas last year. a couple of duds in it. frenzy is better than i thought it was going to be

Good deal, but this looks a lot like the boxset I saw on Amazon a few weeks ago which had several of the films panned and scanned to hell... Be wary!

Got this a while ago for about a tenner at HMV, making my way through the films, some good ones.

If you search "hitchcock" on this site, you'll see that this box set is posted here every few months, has been for over two years. I posted it myself a couple of years ago.

This, however is the cheapest Ive seen it posted :thumbsup: Its usually around £17 or £18.

The reason a few movies are missing, is that they were made by another film studio.


Shadow of a Doubt is my fave!

I got this boxset last year when it was going cheap. Brilliant set. Definately recommend it.


No North by Northwest.......Shame!

My thoughts exactly

Still want it tho - am dropping subtle hints such as "Look at this, I want it for Christmas please" :-D

got this for the same price a year or so ago. well worth it.

there are some notable omissions, but there are lots of hitchcock box sets out there that fill those gaps.

Strangely on the click thru this now comes up much more expensive at about £28.
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