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Five features. Includes: The Lady Vanishes, Secret Agent, The Lodger, Rich And Strange and The Man Who Knew Too Much.

The Lady Vanishes - The scene is set as a beautiful heiress Iris sets out on the return trip to London following a skiing holiday. Before she boards the train Iris sustains a blow to the head and is taken under the wing of kindly governess Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty) but when Iris wakes she finds to her surprise that Miss Froy has disappeared. After a fruitless attempt to find the old lady she seconds the help of handsome Gilbert Redman (Michael Redgrave) who previously had proved to be the most obnoxious of travel partners, but she finds her list of willing helpers are limited.

But finding Miss Froy proves to be more difficult than they could ever have imagined. It seems unbelievable that a defenceless old lady can simply vanish aboard a train travelling across Europe... there has to be a plausible explanation... but disappear she has and explanations are just as scant!!

Hitchcock spins this intriguing story of suspense with the skills that were later to become the hallmark of cinema at its' spellbinding best.

Secret Agent - British soldier and novelist Edgar Brodie returns home during WWI to find that a government agency has faked a report of his death. They get him to change his name to Richard Ashenden and travel to Switzerland to track down a German agent.

The Lodger - A serial killer known as "the avenger" is murdering blonde women in London. A new lodger, Jonathan Drew, arrives at Mr. and Mrs. Bounting's in Bloomsbury and rents a room. The man has some strange habits, he goes out during foggy nights and keeps a picture of a blonde girl in his bedroom. The Bounting's daughter, Daisy, is a blonde model and she is engaged to Joe, a detective. When Joe finds out that Bounting suspects Jonathan, he is jealous of the lodger flirting with Daisy and arrests the man accusing him of being the avenger.

Rich And Strange - Before becoming the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock made this odd little dark comedy that could be biographical. Fred Hill and his wife Emily depart their dreary middle life to go on a world cruise via a rich uncle. Fred gets mixed up with a sexy con artist while Emily courts a rich older man. There are plenty of classic Hitchcock touches, Fred and Emily argue about each other's affairs while a salvation Army band play across the street and in truly exciting sequence Fred and Emily's ship begins to sink, the camera never leaves their stateroom.

The Man Who Knew Too Much - James Stewart and Doris Day, in a rare dramatic role, are superb in this brilliant suspense thriller from the undisputed master. Stewart and Day play Ben and Jo McKenna, innocent Americans vacationing in Morocco with their son, Hank. After a French spy dies in Ben's arms in the Marrakech market, the couple discovers their son has been kidnapped and taken to England. Not knowing who they can trust, the McKennas are caught up in a nightmare of international espionage, assassinations and terror. Soon, all of their lives hang in the balance as they draw closer to the truth and a chilling climatic moment in London's famous Royal Albert Hall.


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good deal, methinks - good quality films - luv yre posts C.

Thanks for this Good price for 5 DVD set!

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