Alfredo stonebaked pizza margherita XXL pack £2.69 @Lidl (4 in a pack)

Alfredo stonebaked pizza margherita XXL pack £2.69 @Lidl (4 in a pack)

Found 20th Jan 2014
Alfredo stonebaked pizza margherita XXL pack £2.69 @Lidl (4 × 300g in a pack)

Bought these pizzas yesterday from lidl I think its a good offer ur getting 4 pizzas instead of 3 and u could always use ur own favorite topping.
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These make good cheap pizza bases need extra toppings as not very tasty as they are
damn good pizza , chuck a bit of ham and pineapple on top and voila
awful pizzas.
If you have a Herons nearby - they do a 3 pack of these pizzas for £1.50........
Decent to be fair.. Usually add some chicken on.
3 for £1.50 in aldi too
Buy a packet of spicy pepperoni 79p when your in there, which will easily do all 4 pizzas.
Had one last night, just add extra grated cheese topping & a sliced tomato.
Excellent value for money. A simple meal in less than 15 min.
Prefer the Goodfella ones the bases are easier to cut through and eat compared to these
Had an Alfredo inferno pizza from Lidl..... worst ive ever had, managed a few bites them binned really disgusting. It had a tomato puree topping, no tast at all, far too spicy (I'm a chilli fan).. avoid if you like pizza that tastes like pizza!
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