Algernon Blackwood's  -  Ghost Stories [Audio Recordings] - Free Download @

Algernon Blackwood's - Ghost Stories [Audio Recordings] - Free Download @

Found 7th Nov 2017Edited by:"Boz"
Supernatural tales by English short story writer Algernon Blackwood
Abridged by Robin Brooks.

Read by Matthew Marsh

Produced by Clive Brill

Episode 1 - Keeping His Promise

is cramming for an exam when he is disturbed by a late-night visitor,

and an unexpected reminder of the past. It is an old school friend, but

why is he so tired and so hungry?

Episode 2 - The Land of Green Ginger

novelist Mr Adam has been asked to describe what made him start to

write. He recalls an inexplicably bizarre and murderous encounter in an

old furniture shop.

Episode 3 - The Transfer

Frank is coming to visit his young nephew Jamie. But Jamie is a

sensitive soul, and his governess has watched a strange obsession

growing in him, and an unexplained terror at the forthcoming visit.

Episode 4 - The Man Who Lived Backwards

in his chair one evening, Professor Zeitt stumbles on a way of looking

at the events of his life from outside time, and reviews a crucial

decision he made as a young man which has left him unhappy in love -

unhappy in life.

Episode 5 - The Kit Bag

has attended a shocking court-case and, as he packs for his holiday,

the memories of the details of a brutal murder comes back to haunt him.

But so does something else.

A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4.
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