Ali / Million Dollar Baby / Price Of Glory (3 DVD box set) - £5.99 delivered @ !

Ali / Million Dollar Baby / Price Of Glory (3 DVD box set) - £5.99 delivered @ !

Found 25th May 2008
Next best is £7.89 @ Forget the rest

Ali: In a performance that Joel Siegel of ABC News called "a transformation," Will Smith plays boxing legend Muhammad Ali in a visually stunning epic from Academy Award-nominated director Michael Mann (The Insider). Beginning with Ali's ground-breaking boxing victories in the 1960s and 1970s, Ali explores the physical and psychological battles experienced by the athlete who would come to be known as "The Greatest." Facing a tumultuous romantic life, deeply held religious beliefs, and the pressures of ever-increasing fame, Muhammad Ali's quick-witted personality and strong friendships helped him "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee." In addition to Smith's acclaimed performance, Ali features a revealing portrait of the boxer's close friend, sportscaster Howard Cosell, played by Oscar nominee Jon Voight.

Million Dollar Baby: Frankie's previous career was blighted by an injury to one of his prize fighters, Scrap (Morgan Freeman), who lost the sight in his right eye during a particularly brutal bout; Scrap now wiles away the hours working as a cleaner in Frankie's gym. Wary of similar occurrences being inflicted on the prestigious young talent that passes before him, Frankie lets a succession of great boxers slip through his fingers. But when the brash, confident young boxer Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) strides into the gym, Frankie's life is irretrievably altered.

Price of Glory: Jimmy Smits plays an ex-boxer living with the knowledge that a crooked manager cut his fight career short. His bitterness turns into a single-minded quest - for his three sons to win boxing championships. The boys are pushed relentlessly by their dad, who enters them into any small-time competition. Ten years later they have become young men, with their father as manager. A professional promoter wants to sign them, but dad rejects the offer. One by one, each son makes his own decision, and with each decision the family becomes fractured. Now they're not only fighting in the ring - they're fighting to save their family.

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