Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Free @ Audible

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Free @ Audible

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Free @ Audible
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A nonsense classic of its time.

A compelling narrative to sweep you away, from a legendary Victorian children’s author. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland in order to entertain a friend’s daughter on a boat trip - and so generations of children have flown away on his wild imaginations.

On a sunny afternoon, Alice discovers a bottle that says DRINK ME. Unable to resist, she follows the label’s instructions...and immediately shrinks to tumble down a rabbit hole into an adventure where nothing is as it seems. From The Mad Hatter to the White Rabbit, the grinning Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts, Alice meets a cast of characters who are both eccentric and memorable.

But will Alice survive her nonsensical adventure...and can she get back home? She must face the challenges of eccentric puzzles, verses and riddles, with the help of intriguing new friends, in order to find the way back home. The first of four books, this is a children’s classic that promises to both entertain and charm.

For fans of The Chronicles Of Narnia and Peter Rabbit, a children’s fantasy like no other.
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