Alien Anthology [Blu-ray 4 Disc Boxset] £9.97 delivered @ Amazon

Alien Anthology [Blu-ray 4 Disc Boxset] £9.97 delivered @ Amazon

Posted 26th Mar 2012
Cheapest I've seen this by a fair old bit. Elsewhere:- £13.99
Zavvi £14.95 £15.49
HMV £25.99
MovieMailOnline £30.49

It’s hard to see just where the Alien Anthology Blu-ray boxset could have been improved. Nominally a collection of the four main films in the franchise, what’s actually been bundled together here is one of the finest DVD or Blu-ray boxsets to date, boasting a series of features that genuinely go into a lot of depth about the movies themselves.

And what movies they are. Alien and Aliens are both exceptional pieces of cinema, and rightly regarded as classics in their own right. Alien 3, meanwhile, has to be classed as an interesting and muddled failure, yet it’s still got a lot to like about it. Alien: Resurrection? It’s perhaps the least ambitious of the four films, but in the early stages at least, it’s still with merit.

Each of the films is presently strongly, surprising given the variable DVD versions of each we’ve seen to date. But it’s the mammoth package of extras that set a template for pretty much every other Blu-ray boxset on the market. Spread across six discs, you not only get two cuts of each film, but you get extra features that are as impressive as they comprehensive. Presented brilliantly, it’s an unmissable box set, and you get at least two all-time classics as part of it.

DVD Description
In the first chapter of the terrifying Alien saga, the crew of the spaceship Nostromo answers a distress signal from a desolate planet, only to discover a deadly life form that breeds within human hosts. Now the crew members must fight not only for their own survival, but for the survival of all mankind.

The terror continues as Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) returns to Earth after drifting through space in hypersleep for 57 years. Although her story about the alien encounter is met with skepticism, she agrees to accompany a team of high-tech marines back to LV-246... and this time it’s war.

Alien 3
In the third chapter of the terrifying sci-fi saga, Ripley’s crippled spaceship crash-lands on Fiorina 161, a bleak wasteland inhabited by former inmates of the planet’s maximum security prison. But an alien was aboard her craft... and soon the body count begins to mount.

Alien Resurrection
Terror is reborn in the stunning conclusion to the Alien sci-fi saga. Two hundred years have passed since Ripley made the ultimate sacrifice on Fiorina 161, but now a group of scientists has cloned her--along with the Alien queen inside her--hoping to breed the ultimate weapon.

Special Features:

Audio commentaries by directors Ridley Scott, James Cameron and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, various cast and crew members
Introduction by Ridley Scott (Alien - Director's Cut only) and James Cameron (Aliens - Special Edition only)
Final theatrical isolated scores: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Elliot Golenthal and John Frizzell
Composer's original isolated scores: Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner
Deleted and extended scenes
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So good that it shouldn't be this cheap.
From a review by jcmacc on Amazon

Not only are the films presented in their best ever home video versions … Not only are the films presented in their best ever home video versions due to the hi-def transfers, but every single extra from previous single-film and box set releases is included along with many worthwhile new ones. Each film is present in the original cinema version along with a director's cut (or new studio cut in the case of Alien 3 given the fact David Fincher has disowned the film) and only in the case of Alien Resurrection is the new version a token change (a couple of unimportant minutes put back in). Tweaks have been made to clean up various issues - original actors have re-recorded lost dialogue from Alien 3 for example, and it looks like some technical issues have been fixed on the older films too - you can no longer see Lance Henriksen's real body under the floor when he's supposed to be ripped in two at the end of Aliens for example. An illustration of how much care has gone into this set for die hard move buffs: not only has each film got an isolated music score audio track, but it's got a separate "composer's cut" alternative, original version of the score before it was edited down to the final version.The Blu-ray discs also have a so far unique search feature : click on something of interest while playing the films and your player keeps the Anthology menu when you swap discs to the extras, and you'll then be taken to the appropriate behind the scenes feature. This is useful as there are around 60 hours of behind the scenes extras (I'll believe the blurb - I've not timed it all!).So the trimmings of the box set are top class, what about the films and does the step up from DVD make it worth buying them again? Thankfully they look great. Alien is over 30 years old now and shows it a little, but given the limitations of the original film stock, this version looks fabulous. There's normal film grain which is fairly especially obvious in the bright scenes, but flesh tones are good and details are bright and clear. Aliens is also presented in a "natural film" version with some grain, but I'd rather see that than an overly-cleaned up, artificially smooth looking print. Alien 3, ironically for a film with such a troubled production, is presented with beautiful clarity and the newest film, Alien Resurrection, looks fabulous too.So, this set shows what studios can do with classic re-releases: picture quality can be brilliant, care can be taken with restoration of the films, and extra features can be both lengthy and innovative (e.g. with the cross-disc bookmarking). There's no excuse then for lazy, poor value double-dipping as films make their way to Blu-ray: as other's have noted, let's hope for example that New Line learn their lessons from the horrible first Blu-ray release of The Lord Of The Rings films and produce something close to the quality of The Alien Anthology with their second attempt.

FYI this is the four disc version which excludes most of the extras found on the six disc box set, currently £14.99.

Amazing price. Heat +
I'd prob go for the extended boxset - feel I'm missing something, if not. Or maybe just **** anorakish. Sue me.

Hot, though.
Nice censoring - ruder as usual.
Been wanting this for a long time! X)
get the bigger box set its worth it, best box set i've ever seen!
Gotta say, the 6-Disc is frequently £13.99, so I'd grab that one personally..
sik, just got at 13.99.... ahhhhh
I'd only want the first two so not as great a deal for me for what I'd want to pay. Voted hot though considering the first two on their own would be double this price.
Any1 got the link for 6 disc at £13.99? Plz
£2.50 a film? now that's my kind of price
Game over, man! Game over!

Any1 got the link for 6 disc at £13.99? Plz

Amazon's the cheapest at the moment with £14.99…8-1
ordered heat added thanks.

Game over, man! Game over!

Stop your grinnin' n drop ya linen..
I'll wait for the 5-film box set including 'Prometheus', thanks.
Talk to me Frosty
Wow just ordered Heat added !!!

I'll wait for the 5-film box set including 'Prometheus', thanks.

I think Prometheus is not a sequel and the only thing that link to alien is the mother company called Weyland..
Hot by the way..

I'll wait for the 5-film box set including 'Prometheus', thanks.

I wouldn't's set in the same universe, but doesn't feature the xenomorphs...

"Ridley Scott decided against featuring Xenomorphs (the titular Alien of the film series) in the film, as "the sequels squeezed him dry, he did very well... and no way am I going back there." Instead, this being an indirect prequel to Alien, he decided to feature an Xenomorph ancestor/parent."
from IMDB.

Get this set cheap and then get Prometheus on release...will probably work out cheaper than an all new boxset, assuming they even do one.
Anyone else have this and noticed the terrible uneven sound in aliens : special edition? shocking!
The extras for Prometheus is gonna be so freaking sweet.

So it's not Aliens 5 and will not be in a new larger aliens boxset.sad … So it's not Aliens 5 and will not be in a new larger aliens boxset.sad face

Nope, I believe it started out as a prequel but evolved into something different.

I think many are interested to see how many references to the aliens movies are in there though.
The main connection that we know of I guess is the "space jockey" from the first movie
Wow what a great price! Hot hot hot!

Would really like to get my hand on just the 2nd (Aliens) or first 2 films on blu-ray. Not interested in the others and don't want a big box really with films I'm never gonna watch.

Had no luck finding them, anyone aware of these being available anywhere?
Ta - ordered.
Superb, thats what I was waiting for Heat added
It's LV-426, not LV-246 And you call yourselves fans?
Got it for free :P
(Birthday money :p)
Glad you mentioned it was the 4 disc version. I got the 6 disc one for £12, so not thinking this is all that good.
Doe's anyone own this 4 disc set and can tell me, doe's it include both versions of the films ie directors cuts or special editions or are they all just the theatrical releases
great price heat added
Logged in just to vote on this.Cracking deal and BTW the original is a great transfer.

Got it for free :P(Birthday money :p)

Not exactly free...
great if youre not bothered about the extras,heat added(_;)
Hot price for the blu-ray, especially with Promethus release soon!
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