Alien Hominid (Xbox) £3.96 Delivered (RRP £29.99) Star Buys

Alien Hominid (Xbox) £3.96 Delivered (RRP £29.99) Star Buys

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Found 19th Jul 2007
Without a doubt the most original title released this year, Alien Hominid is a breath of fresh gaming air. Coming straight from art-house developer The Behemoth, it puts a modern, artistic twist on the sideways-scrolling shooters of the past.
The word 'frenetic' doesn't come close to describing the experience of playing this super-fast and hypercolourful explosion of a game; it literally drips with graphical style and gameplay flair. Its boundless energy easily snares hardcore and casual gamers alike into the purest gaming experience in years.


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Does anyone know if this is xbox 360 compatiable as it'd be cheaper than buying it on the marketplace.

I dont think it is but for future reference go to [url][/url] here is a link to the 200 or so titles that are compatiblte…htm

Hope it helps

Not on the latest Backward Compatability list from Microsoft

Yeah, I doubt they'd ever bother making a game compatible if it's got an XBLA release

Alien Hominid HD, the award winning side-scroller classic from the Behemoth is now available for XBox 360 Live Arcade.

Alien Hominid HD is the first FULL sized console title being offered on the Xbox Live Arcade. That's 16 enormous levels, 7 mini-games, and much more! All of which are fit into a 50mb limit!

In order to experience Alien Hominid HD you will need the following items:

1. An Xbox 360
2. 800 Microsoft Points
3. Internet Connection

so if you really want to play it....

Ordered for a mild bit of distraction and rep added.

Shame its not 360 compatible, I've downloaded the demo from Market place and its a top game.

Its very well designed, but incredibly hard !! The Metal Slug series is better for a bit of casual pick up & play (IMO of course)

I have this on the PS2 and it's a great game....made by the people at newgrounds originally in flash format and then fully developed into a console game it's a real tribute to the old style arcade games.

Only ordered this on thursday, received it today (saturday)! brill!!:thumbsup:
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