Alien Isolation Collection (Steam) £8.74 @ HumbleBundle Store

Alien Isolation Collection (Steam) £8.74 @ HumbleBundle Store

Found 24th Jan 2017
I have been waiting for this to go on sale because it was actually hard to find anywhere to buy it from who didn't want £30 for a 3 year old game. I would like to try getting it working with Oculus Rift VR as the experience is supposed to be great. So if anyone has experience please post your feedback.

Here is the steam link for further info on the game and reviews;…90/

The main link should take you to the humble bundle store page which has 2 days remaining on this deal at present time. There are other deals active for bundlestars on this site but I have checked and the price is back up to £30 and flagged it as expired.

Happy Alien hunting.

Alien: Isolation: The Collection is provided via Steam key for Linux, Mac, and Windows. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required.


This new collection includes all the main expansion packs, plus the main game, bundled together at one, single, discounted, price:

Alien: Isolation: The Collection includes:

Alien: Isolation – Main Game
Plus all DLCS:

Alien: Isolation – Corporate Lockdown
Alien: Isolation – Crew Expendable
Alien: Isolation – Last Survivor
Alien: Isolation – Safe Haven
Alien: Isolation - Trauma
Alien: Isolation – The Trigger
Alien: Isolation – Lost Contact
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Good price - and linux version.

Heat from me
Game is compatible on mac also.
this is a bargain including all DLC !!!
Should come with spare underwear.
Great game

Happy Alien hunting

I think you got the concept wrong. The Alien hunts YOU.

Should come with spare underwear.

lol I read 'space underwear'.
Holy crap, this would be truly terrifying in VR! It's bad enough just on a screen!
incredible game
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