Alien Vs Predator (Blu-ray) - £5 @ Amazon & Tesco Entertainment

Alien Vs Predator (Blu-ray) - £5 @ Amazon & Tesco Entertainment

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In delivering non-18-rated excitement, Alien vs. Predator is an acceptably average science-fiction action thriller with some noteworthy highlights, even if it squanders its opportunity to intelligently combine two popular franchises. Rabid fans can justifiably ask "Is that all there is?" after a decade of development hell and eager anticipation, but we're compensated by reasonably logical connections to the Alien legacy and the still-kicking Predator franchise (which hinted at AVP rivalry at the end of Predator 2); some cleverly claustrophobic sets, tense atmosphere and impressive digital effects; and a climactic AVP smackdown that's not half bad. This disposable junk should've been better, but nobody who's seen Mortal Kombat or Resident Evil should be surprised by writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson's lack of imagination. As a brisk, 90-minute exercise in generic thrills, however, Anderson's work is occasionally impressive... right up to his shameless opening for yet another sequel.



I'm not so sure that's the official blurb!


I'm not so sure that's the official blurb!

More accurate than the official blurb though.

I went to see this at the cinema.. there was about 30 people in when it started and about a dozen or less when it ended .. awful

i got blind side for £5 from tesco

I got a pot of paint from Tesco for less than £5 - use it, watch it dry and you will be better off than spending 90 mins watching this tripe...
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Even at £5 it's still a crap movie!

"acceptably" my ****.

Thanks OP

Okay - not the best film in the world - far from it. But its okay and its only a fiver.

Just ordered mine from Tesco Entertainment - with 8% cashback from Topcashback. Every little helps!

I always thought Predators were supposed to be the badass hunters of the universe? After watching this I wanted to go out for a beer with them.

The deal is good, but the film is flaccid...
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