Aliens Vs Predator: Hunter Special Edition PC, PS3 & XBOX 360 - £25 at HMV instore & online
Aliens Vs Predator: Hunter Special Edition PC, PS3 & XBOX 360 - £25 at HMV instore & online

Aliens Vs Predator: Hunter Special Edition PC, PS3 & XBOX 360 - £25 at HMV instore & online

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seen that instore at HMV Beckton

PS3 - hmv.com/hmv…363
Xbox 360 - hmv.com/hmv…364
PC - hmv.com/hmv…365


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Same price in my Stevenage store but no 360 copies in stock.

Beware about the possibility of the facehugger's tail being broken. Luckily HMV agreed to refund mine. USA had the chance to apply for a replacement from SEGA. We where not so lucky.

May have a lookout as I am a total fanboy when it comes to Aliens and Predators.

Now Online as well.

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Now Online as well.Your text here

Thnx m8, will update post

is this game worth £25?
not played demo even, but wondering what the wave of opinion is like here?...

Game is worth about £2.50 and a bag of nuts - especially as you will also need to buy the DLC to play online.

Bag of nuts, lol. Im a Aliens fanboy but this game was just dull. I rented it and took it back early!.

Every thread about this game there's always someone saying this is the worst game ever blah blah blah. Get real man, you want to try actually playing some really bad games on the 360 and there's plenty far worse than this.

This game is not bad at all, there are a few flaws but the multiplayer is a lot of fun.

Is it just me? I am having problems voting, I hit the hot & it dosnt increase but freezes in recognition.

I'm not a fan boy, but I do like anything Aliens or Predator related. I love the atmosphere of the Marines radar, and the weapons and stealth of the predator. The campaign can be finished quite quickly on easy, (as always), but the multiplayer modes are all different and a break from the norm and the hard level is harder, and will take time and skill. Is it worth 40? Probs not, but at 25 for a special edition, I'd say so.

Just like everything else, reviews are subjective to the individual

An ok game. Not the worst and certainly not the best. Sure it was very very short. But the campaigns themselves were well done.

The game has been a success so hopefully Gearbox will get their **** into gear (no pun intended) and release Aliens:CM sooner rather than later.

Certainly not the best game ever, but definately not the worst either. I've enjoyed the game a bit, just takes some time getting into it.

Voted hot...

I played the demo of this and playing as an alien gave me motion sickness!

Nice looking set though... always wanted a face hugger to call my very own

The GAME group is currently selling the survivor special edition for the same price (£24.99)... and this deal includes all the survivor contents as well as the extra stuff for the same amount of money!

Definitely hot, H&R added.

I bought this a few days ago, my mrs student discount still works so £22.50! Hope it will be there when I get home! good price

how big is the face hugger model and is it premade or do you build it yourself?thanks

Good to see a few deals from HMV for a chance. Also better is the fact that their deals are online - for a change.

Thanks OP. Bought yesterday in Salisbury. Store said they were only given one of each console so probably better to buy online if you live around Salisbury. One PS3 ver left yesterday afternoon.
Facehugger is better than I thought. Well made with metal supports in legs so they can be bent and left in position. Probably about a fifth of the film size. Wraps around quite nicely around the cat's face and Facehugger tail goes twice round her neck!

Got mine delivered this morning and the tail is so obviously broken just by looking threw the box. (_;)

Was on the fence about this one, but this : eurogamer.net/art…ped ... has pretty much helped make my mind up.
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