Aliens Vs Predator Xbox 360 £32.95 delivered @ Zavvi
Aliens Vs Predator Xbox 360 £32.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Aliens Vs Predator Xbox 360 £32.95 delivered @ Zavvi

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In the all-new Aliens vs. Predator players will have the chance to take the role of the three infamous species; the Colonial Marine, the Predator and the Alien. Each of the three species has its very own distinct story-driven single-player campaign mode that interweaves with the campaigns of the other two species. Aliens vs. Predator will also feature unique 3-way online multiplayer, allowing gamers to pit the three species against each other in the ultimate battle for survival and for the right to be crowned the deadliest species.

cheapest i have seen this game, for pre-order


great price for whats shaping up 2 be a great game. good find btw lol

was tempted by this game but not in a rush to get it!! Will wait till its around £20 which i think wont be that long till its that price!!

I'd wait for battlefield imo.

can anyone get a game on ps3 demo?


can anyone get a game on ps3 demo?

Yes mate the demo was been re-released on the Store. It works fine now

Ordered this from the hut for £31.26 with 10% code. Plus QuidCo made it around £29

Ye cos if you try to find a game with the current demo it will say invalid version or something like that. So just redownload from the UK store. The file is a lot smaller than before, only around 800MB

heat and rep added. Fantastic deal, better than any other deal I've seen for this game. I've almost creamed myself.

After playing the demo on 360, im going to give this a miss. Heat added though for price.

painfull game this,purely painfull,even at this price its overpriced

At £16.95 on the PC I am going to give it a shot, loved the other 2 first time round !

I was pumped for this game after the demo but read a few reviews that have changed my mind, most recently gamespot's gamespot.com/xbo…tml

Gonna wait till this is £20 or less before considering


great price for whats shaping up 2 be a great game. good find btw lol

unlikely from what i have read on a few review sites...


EDIT - opps someone beat me to it...

Not a bad price but expect Zavvi to be doing this for £17.99 before you know it. I think the majority of Sega games on the HD consoles have fallen in price pretty hard and quickly. There was Bayonetta, Stormrise, Golden Axe, The Club, various Sonic games, Condemned, Sega Rally, etc. I would be really surprised if this game bucked the trend. Still £32.95 is the best price out there at the moment so a hot deal for now.

Most of the people moaning about this game are either COD fanboys or played 1 match on the demo and took a hiding.

This is a great game and unique, not just another boring FPS.

Doesn't look too bad as a game but it will fall to sub-£20 before too long I think.

I was going to buy it for the PS3 mainly for on-line but as other people already stated after downloading the MP demo, I think I'll give it a miss!!

Im a COD fan but thought this was good, played few games last night, only gotten to be Alien, but was instresting and a break for COD was good.
Hot for price, worth redownloading demo if not working (PS3) and try before you buy.

For all the gamespot quoting naysayers, there is IGN's review Aliens Vs Predator 8.5 Review Personally I dont need a review, i'll make my own mind up on this one.

Well for the people that expected to like the game but didn't after playing the demo, would love to know why and what you did expect from it?

You played the worst multiplayer mode on just one map. You've only been given a flavour of the game and not see anywhere near the best of it.


Most of the people moaning about this game are either COD fanboys or … Most of the people moaning about this game are either COD fanboys or played 1 match on the demo and took a hiding. This is a great game and unique, not just another boring FPS.

My gripes with the demo were the generally poor feeling of movement and horribly dated graphics - Specifically character models and overly simplistic architecture. Oddly there are others that think it looks amazing, but I couldn't see any evidence playing it maxed out at 1920x1080. I was so concerned that there may be an issue I even tried the 360 demo.

I do not buy for a second that it is a 10 month old tech demo and doubt the DX11 compatible effects will add the necessary sheen to the finished product.

The review scores seem pretty wild and inconsistent at the moment so I'm waiting for more accurate feedback on the final product and single player experience. Although I cancelled my preorder I may reconsider.

It's been so long since I pre-ordered a game. Remember when CODMW2 came out and it was £25.99 in Morrisons? There always seems to be plenty of copies around and prices seem to crash really quickly.

Not voting cold though, as this is a good price if you want it now

Had the demo from day 1 , persevered and wanted to like it. This game is shockingly drab ... £17 within 2 weeks of release ...

I was a believer before playing the demo. Shocking dated graphics combined with poor game play means this will be £17.99 within a month. Voted hot for the PRICE but the game is COLD as ice.

Why do people base their decision on somebody elses? Bizarre!

Graphically it looks spot on to me, not as good as some other games out there but the maps are designed to be dark in multiplayer so they were never going to look amazing. Maybe better to reseve judgement after playing the campaign or other maps on multiplayer.

Controls all seem pretty spot on. Alien will take practice and Marine I found to be slow but they've done a fantastic job balancing all 3 species.

I have been playing the full 360 version for around a week now and confirm it feels a bit thrown together. The alien game is all a bit wierd as getting used to not having a gun and being able to climb on all walls is disorientating.

Graphically it's quite good and maintains the space industrial feel of it's predecessors but having played the Marine part mostly it's a lot of lonely running around followed by 12 seconds of panic as an Alien jumps out at you and you fire into the walls and floors surrounding him.

Reviews are there to help guide you. There are a lot of us out there that 'want' to like this game, having either been fans of the original game or the movies. I am not saying people should or shouldnt buy this, but personally I am waiting for it to halve in price as no doubt it will within a month

The price of this is gonna crash and burn during this next month.... Yet another unremarkable game.

crap game, download the demo you'll see save your money.

if it was £5 then hot otherwise cold

full list of reviews here:


more good than bad it seems

Demo is a hit and miss certainly its gonna take some getting use to. Heat added its a great price. Will drop to post 20 quid by may/june

Ive just played it - brilliant. Nuff said

Game delivered today - earlier than I thought - Nothing like the demo, brilliant stuff, scary, old school, made my hairs stand up !

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i completed it before it came out
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