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Align with your soul: Growing your ability to connect with your soul, intuition, angels, and the divine free Kindle edition @ Amazon

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Above all, we come to play a game of seek and find.

Once separated from the light, with dark glasses put over our eyes, moving around in a dim world, can we remember to search for the light? Once we remember to search, can we find it? Masters and sages, wise beings of love and light that have come before, savor the humor of discovering that the light was within them all along.

This moment, now. You are already aligned with your soul.

But why then, you might ask, can't I see it? Feel it? Sense it? Enjoy it? Live it? Perceive it?

Heaviness and density, darkness and illusions, energy blockages and suffering block, cloak, buffer, and hide the light from us, the truth. Releasing, opening up, getting lighter and lighter, more buoyant, freer, and letting light shower through us, that is the daily work.

And then it can happen in an instant, a giant leap, a wonder-inducing opening to a massive voltage of more light. Or it can be a gradual lessening of the heaviness until one day, you realize the luminosity has increased tenfold, and you are not the same, which means the world you perceive around you is no longer the same.

Are you ready to come home to you?

Home is not your personality, your body, or your life story. No, coming home is connecting to your soul, to the divine spark that is with you with every step, with every breath, and the stillness in between. It is aligning with your soul.

This book contains meditations, meditation programs, energy work, coaching journaling work, wellness habits and rituals, and more to open you up to more expansion and alignment.

Are you ready to align, develop your intuition, and spend more time with your angels and the divine?

"ALIGN WITH YOUR SOUL has the potential to increase your capacity to feel and work with energy and attune to the love frequency. You can learn to nurture the spaciousness and the field of all possibilities exists within you.” -Adrianna Whitman Reiki Healer and Massage Therapist

"Each time I opened up ALIGN WITH YOUR SOUL, I began to adjust my vantage point and relaxed into a state of openness and stillness. I can feel my energy still shifting.” - Diana Barnett, Holistic Healer

"ALIGN WITH YOUR SOUL gives you tools for self-transformation. This book is a treasure of workable energy work meditations and coaching methods.” - Sarah Evans, Spiritual Entrepreneur
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    This is free, why cold?
    Maybe better fairytales out there?
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    Why do all these free Amazon book deals always show up as This title is not currently available for purchase
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    So, will this help me beat dark souls?
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    Costs too much time on nonsense