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Return flights from London to Rio or Sao Paulo or Tokyo  £290 all in (economy) & bargains in premium Eco @Alitalia
Found 10th Mar 2015Found 10th Mar 2015
Some really good returns available on Alitalia later this year, booking direct on their website. All around the £290 mark. Seems to be a bit of availability too. Possibility of Seo… Read more
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Thanks, that clears it up. A fantastic price either way


Think you missed the point... ;)


Flown with Alitalia a few times and very much enjoyed it. One time we had a flight delayed in Rome due to bad weather (Christmas time). We were put up in a hotel for the night and saw some of Rome which was great. I guess that can be seen as good or bad but we were flexible with our time so it worked out fine. Found it a rather enjoyable flight experience unlike our last long haul with BA/Iberia to Rio a few months back which was one of the most displeasurable experiences I've ever had. I'd certainly snap this up if I was off to Brazil in the coming months but sadly not. Very well found op - this is superb value for anyone off to Brazil or Asia.


£290 return to Tokyo is an incredible price, heat added....


Sorry updated the title :-)

Alitalia - 20% off all flights to Europe & Brazil
LocalLocalFound 3rd Feb 2013Found 3rd Feb 2013
Not sure if this will help anyone looking at booking a flight but in my experience Alitalia aren't a bad airline. Only flew with them twice but never had any problems. Fly from mos… Read more

They've just pulled their route from Rome to China as of 4th March, after promoting it heavlily for several months. Route cancellation announced on Facebook but nothing on their corporate website. Now there's a scramble to get the tickets rerouted at Alitalia's expense.


Pay via a credit card and have holiday insurance, the airline will go bust unless the AF/KLM offer gets approved. I have no problem flying them, but just make sure you have insurance... Code came out on Friday - not posted for the reasons listed above.


Cold from me - most Alitalia Europe flights are code share with Air One (think easyjet and ryanair and then think a million times worse) They charged my 35 euros each way to take my sons pushchair!!! This information was 5 clicks away in small print on the Alitalia booking site. Customer services are not only unhelpful but actually very very rude. I wouldn't travel with them again if you paid me!


When I flew with them they knocked the back door of the plane when they took the stairs away from the exit ready for take off. They pushed the buttom to go up rather than reverse. Grounded for 24 hours waiting for another plane. But they did put us up in The Sheraton next to the airport.


I didn't think they were still operating - they have always had a sh1t CS problem even back in the days they used to operate Caravelles

Return Flights to Abu Dhabi for under £135 (from Bologna, return to Heathrow) @
Found 22nd Oct 2012Found 22nd Oct 2012
This is slightly different from the other 'glitch' offer which Alitalia have cancelled. Follow the following steps to book: 1- visit (it has to be the Italian vers… Read more

This deal still on?


Does anyone have a link to their schedule. Trying to find flights to Nairobi (or Mombasa) for next month and not sure if they fly there, and if so when. So far looking at £500+ for return flights and that isn't even direct :/


Flew with them recently, delayed 1.5 hours out, on return boarded plane and was sat on runway for 2 hours, staff rude and unhelpful.... Not against the deal in any way tho, just sharing for the benefit of others :)


Not if you have a British passport


You might also be able to claim costs if the flight was over 24 hours later than scheduled For £215 to Rio it's worth a bit of hassle

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London - Rome return flights with Alitalia over Valentines day 2013 (Includes hold luggage)
Found 21st Oct 2012Found 21st Oct 2012
Might not be much use to many for Valentines but there is 25% discount on Alitalia flights on the dates below which include Valentines day. Dates I've gone for are the 13th Feb to… Read more
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thanks, this should get me some brownie points!


Avoid the Termini. That's one place you don't want to be walking around at night if you're not familiar with Rome. There's some lovely small hotels and pensioned around the Trevi fountain area


I knew I'd forgotten something!


Are you going alone, or just sent her packing?


thankyou very much bob, I'll check out th prices & choose one when I finish work later. hopefully get something booked 2mo as Rome has been on my list for a long time, would prefer to go in th summer but if its not too cold there in November or march I'll go then.

New York City €33, Los Angeles €130, Abu Dhabi €0, Caracas €38 – roundtrip after taxes with Alitalia
Found 20th Oct 2012Found 20th Oct 2012
Omg! If you want to fly for free, check this out! Alitalia just released another voucher code. This time the code is only valid on the Japanese website of Alitalia. The value of th… Read more
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Have just spoken to them, they did not have a email address in the IT system for the eticket. So it would not have arrived. Now added, and tickets arrived via email.. Good stuff.. x


No, I did receive the confirmation of order and the money has been taken from my Card.


Have you received an email from them with your ticket?


I took advantage of a code a while back, and have just checked my booking on the UK Site, and IT site.. It is showing the following... " Status: the ticket has not been issued , the reservation expires on 22/09/2012 at 20:07 " I know my credit card has been charged the £300+ cost of the flights??? Concerned about the status... Does anyone know the UK phone number for these guys so that I can check, I did try the Italian one, but they could not understand me?? Thanks in advance.. x


My credit card has been charged £5 by Alitalia, and I have received my ticket for return flight to Italy in February within an email. Thanks for that HolidayPirates.

Return flights to New York City 203,99 GBP or Toronto 235,99 @ Alitalia
Found 26th Sep 2012Found 26th Sep 2012
Arrrggh! Alitalia is offering another discount code – this time you get 20% off flights for travels between 26th September 2012 and 31st March 2013. You have to enter the e-Coupon… Read more
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No flight available?


Probably as bad as your sentence construction.


Your url is bad, don't open


so you posted three times?


Code doesn't work :(

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Rome to Sydney to Heathrow on Alitalia £518
Found 23rd Sep 2012Found 23rd Sep 2012
I know we are probably on Alitalia deal overload by now but here is one more. Sorry! Rome to Sydney to Heathrow on Alitalia for £518 with the code WEEK15UK Sample dates are March… Read more

British airways flight to Rome going for £55 on the 2nd March at the moment.


£607 is the total price for both flights if booked as a return. Have you used the dates in the OP?


the 607 is only for the flight to Sydney from rome! it doesnt include the way back to heathrow


Select multi leg search, put in the airports and dates. It will price at £607. Select the flights and enter WEEK15UK at the checkout page. Hope that helps


i cant get this deal. anyone send me a working link?

Venice to Toronto to London £198.39 @ Alitalia
Found 23rd Sep 2012Found 23rd Sep 2012
Venice to Toronto to London £198.39 @ Alitalia Venice to Toronto 13/03/2013 Toronto to London 25/03/2013 Discount code: WEEK15UK

Who would leave a netbook in checked luggage???


Go on the website click advanced search (multi segment) then bang in the dates and then select the ones highlighted with a maroon triangle next to price (ie lowest) then enter the code and then you.ll see £396 for two people


No wonder you can get fares like these.Awful airline in my experience. Was booked on flight to usa and connection was 8 hours late - no explanation given - treated terrible in Rome. Couldn't care less attitude.In flight food awful - avoid and pay a bit extra.


Last time I flew Alitalia through Rome, my netbook was stolen from my checked baggage. The airline could not have cared less when reported theft.


Thanks for posting, i have added an image to your thread :)

Venice to Lagos (Nigeria) to London £246.50 @ Alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Venice to Lagos (Nigeria) to London £246.50 @ Alitalia Venice to Lagos 13/03/2013 Lagos to London 22/13/2013 Discount code: WEEK15UK Other dates Available

Booked rome to lagos for easter on Edreams. £298 each. 22 March to 5 April.


I haven't booked, but I can get the tickets in the shopping basket. Can you get that far?


Other dates please.


Hi, The search works but you can't book. If you have successfully booked, I could use some help. I am booking three tickets.


Works fine for me - £246.50. I don't want to go to Lagos, but I'm sending it to some Nigerian expat friends who will be very happy to hear about it!

London to Johannesburg return £366.47 @ Alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
London to Johannesburg return £366.47 @ Alitalia Discount code: WEEK15UK (Need to be used once for each return flight) First book Return Flight Rome to Johannesburg (You have op… Read more

is it just me or is it not accepting payments? It says the payment service is down and to try again, but each time I do do it never works!


if only this were cape town


2 different return tickets. You might able to use Ryanair or Monarch save even more money.


This is open jaw


Joburg is my favourite airport to waste a few hours.

Venice to Buenos Aires to London £375.53 @ Alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Venice to Buenos Aires to London £375.53 @ Alitalia VENICE, Marco Polo - Buenos Aires 12/02/2013 BUENOS AIRES, Itl - London 19/02/2013 Discount code: WEEK15UK Flight to Los A… Read more

i nearly booked the slots for february but the weather is so hot there at this time i was put off, humidity levels sky high!!!


I am really tempted by this, I went to Buenos Aires last year and loved it!! The Argentine women are amongst the prettiest and sexiest in the world!!


I am trying to work out the new deal to KUL for £280....


Which other forums?


Your finding them? These have all been posted on other forums....

Italy to Beijing to London from £205 @ Alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Venice to Beijing to London £225.85 @ Alitalia Rome to Beijing to London 205 (found by Bicawi) Venice to Beijing 18/03/2013 Beijing to London 30/03/2013 Discount code: WEEK15UK… Read more

Sure enough, despite multiple reassurances that I'd been rerouted & my tickets had been rebooked with KLM, I received yet another cancellation email. The latest story (I'm starting to smell porky pies) is that KLM cancelled the flight - not just my booking. It's all far too stressful. At this point I'd rather admit defeat & put my energies into trying to reclaim my money & finding an alternative airline & destination than continue with this farce any longer. I don't think Alitalia has any intention of rerouting us. Perhaps they gave genuine reroutes to earlier customers, but there must have been too many of us requesting it & they've decided to give the rest of us the runaround until we concede defeat. Who knows? I have no confidence that I'll be receiving a timely refund either. But as I booked on a credit card I'm hoping I'll be able to recoup the money in the end by hook or by crook. Meantime, I'll be warning off all family & friends from ever travelling with Alitalia, posting an irritated message on their Facebook page & sending a complaint to their UK Customer Relations Dept for all the good that that will do! Btw all the numbers I tried seem to connect you to their Italian call centre - even the 0208 number (02088147700) connects you to Italy. I asked & they confirmed it. I wish all of the rest of you caught up in this game of silly beggars the best of luck & hope you all get to where you're going without further shenanigans.


Hi there, I had similar battles with them , ended up calling their booking desk based in Italy,, e-tickets were issued in no time via email. do not bother wasting your time and phone bills with the customer service , they are useless, call and ask for their tickets department/ booking department, those people are more polite and professional. good luck


Alitalia are a nightmare to deal with. I called & asked to be re-routed not refunded & was told that my original booking was fine. I insisted it had been cancelled so the rep re-checked & oh yes it was cancelled (!) so she'd check rerouting options & call back...but didn't. I ring again & second rep says I should wait for the first to call back...but didn't happen. Today I spoke to a guy who insisted a refund was my only option & ended up shouting & hanging up! Wow. I rang back and this rep called me back within half an hour & offered a reasonable re-route with KLM via Amsterdam both ways. Originally FCO-PEK & PEK-FCO-LHR - now FCO-AMS-PEK & PEK-AMS-LCY All the flights, except for the FCO-AMS leg, are with KLM. There's a 5-hour layover at Amsterdam on the outbound leg, but I couldn't quibble. She said it was booked, but it might take up to a week for the E-ticket to be sent. But I've just logged in to check & it says, "Status: the ticket has not been issued, the reservation expires on 28/02/2013" So contrary to what the rep said, it looks like it's a reservation not a firm booking which expires tomorrow! I need to confirm tour & hotel bookings as we're meant to be travelling in less than 3 weeks but I don't feel confident enough to risk throwing good money after bad. Has anyone received their new E-tickets and how long did it take for them to be issued?


I got my cancellation email today. Gah! I had no idea Alitalia were up to no good. Thanks for the link to the MSE thread, wxuk. It seems people are managing to fight their corner somewhat and get rerouted via Amsterdam. Looks like I'm going to have to join them. :s


more discussion here:

Venice to Los Angels to London £239.70 @ Alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Venice to Los Angels to London £239.70 @ Alitalia Venice to Los Angels Departure 07/02/2013 Time: 12:50 Los Angels to London (You need to select none direct flight) Departs 12/0… Read more

Anyone flown on this deal yet? My trip is coming up in 3 weeks, still seems too good to be true...


Voted hot, shame I can't do those dates!


Some cheap deals on British airways to Venice at the moment from £38 including checked luggage.


hot hot hot!


Yes Cheap flights to venice

Venice  to Abu dhabi to London £149.01 @ alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Venice to Abu dhabi to London £149.01 @ alitalia Flight FIRST LEG Departure 09/02/2013 VENICE, Marco Polo - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Itl. Flight SECOND leg ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi … Read more

I don't think flight to abu dhabi start till december


are these prices available during October?


I don't think it will happen anytime soon. As Alitalia has new owners.


hope Alitalia don't go belly up before then

Italy to New york to London £167.62 @ Alitalia
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Italy to New york to London £167.62 @ Alitalia Departure 11/12/2012 BOLOGNA, G. Marconi - New York Departure 19/02/2013 (Choose non direct flights) NEW YORK, J.F.K. - London Di… Read more


Can anyone advise whether visas are required for the US? And how does one go about getting one? Thanks!


It is called lifting deals from another site and posting them here..


Bokul - you seem to be hot on these deals, do you work for Alitalia?? How likely are flights to the US likely to come up again? Could you PM me if you don't mind? Manksman - your comment has added no value to this thread. Get out more dude.


magsywagsy, here it is, book 371 us dollars = £228 book via orbitz,lhr-NYC/2012-11-17-flexible/2012-11-22-flexible 17/11/12 22/11/12

Return flights from London to New York from 241.99GBP with Alitalia
Found 20th Sep 2012Found 20th Sep 2012
Arrrggh! Here we have the next Alitalia open-jaw flights to New York stunning from 260 GBP. On both ways you have a short stop in Rome. Routing: Bologna (BLQ) – New York City – … Read more
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I just want to post that I am typing this from a Hotel a stones throw away from Times Square after taking this HOT UK DEAL up. Flights were very easy, better than the poor service I normally get from Virgin, and it is great to spend a week in New York for pennies... Thanks Alitalia and Op. Freezing here tho...

madcal87 Might be of some use.


Just wondering is there any flights cheap from Scotland to Las Vegas for June nxt ye...please help as they seem to have gone up in a week.... :-(


Your fare is best fare for London to New York.


I would just like to say thank you to - got a flight from Venice-JFK-Miami returning from Miami-Milan-Rome-LHW for under £225 for Feb half term-flight times total 15 hrs or less. took BA flight for £48 so no worries about Ryanair. Taking daughter & 3 grand kids-everyone excited

Return flights from London to Beijing from 302.99GBP with Alitalia
Found 20th Sep 2012Found 20th Sep 2012
Ahoy! Here we have the next Alitalia open-jaw flights to Beijing from 260 GBP. On both ways you have a short stop in Rome. Following routes are possible with a return flight to L… Read more
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Hi, I have exactly the same issue , family of 5 travelling from Rome to Beijing,the Beijing to Rome then London . Booked flights to Rome and hotel, everything, and visa fee. I do not want refund! Getting no confirmed reply at all, here is more discussion you may want to look at: let us know your result please if you would.


Hi there - same problem here. I was getting absolutely nowhere by calling them up, as every time I refused the refund they hung up! I wasted many hours on Friday and Saturday just trying to get answers from idiots that could not care less. I then decided to make my protest public and pasted the problem on the Alitalia Facebook page. Suddenly things were taken more seriously. In the end I received a call from someone that seemed to be helpful and she said that they are still sorting out codeshares for the same route with other airlines and I would be contacted "in around 48 hours". That time is now up and but I shall leave it until a little later. I obviously do not want a refund as I have booked dirt cheap Rome to Beijing and Beijing to Heathrow to return. I have therefore sorted Rome BA single flight, Rome hotel, Beijing hotels and visa etc etc Do you ahve any news yourself yet??


Thanks a lot for your comments and advice. That was four months back, original deal post link : I booked it and paid by card, payment been taken, and called them to confirm the seats even. They emailed me this afternoon saying my flights are cancelled, that would be a disaster to me, because I have booked everything else, even the visa application! I called them twice today, first time made no success at all, the lady was keeping telling me they can refund me. When I called the second time, they can find me some alternative flights, but instead of Rome directly to Beijing, it will be Rome to Amsterdam then Beijing, return flights instead of Beijing to Rome then London, it will be only Beijing to Amsterdam then Rome, I said what about Rome back to London? I will have to call them again, 0870 number 10p a minute! They telling me the direct flight from Rome to Beijing is not operating any more! If they only have that Rome via Amsterdam to Beijing for me instead of flying directly, shall I just take it or asking them to get me another direct flight, I have 3 children travelling with me, including a infant! Any suggestions, has any one else received the same email as me? Many thanks!


But it wasn't one of the flights for free? Don't accept that! They have to offer you other flights to Beijing. Please check the european passenger rights.


Booked a flight with this company a few months back rome to peking, after I booked connection flights for each end, got an email saying my original flight is cancelled! what shall i do now? called, they said they are happy to refund, but how about my other bookings which are not refundable?

Return Flights to Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Atlanta from  £131
Found 25th Aug 2012Found 25th Aug 2012
Ahoy! Here we have the next Alitalia and Delta Airlines Error-Fare / Fuel-dump. This time its possible to fly to varies destinations in North America from unbelievable £131. All fl… Read more
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The deal is already expired. Sorry guys had yesterday no time to answer your questions. Lot of people booked it through our site. Also there seems some problems with the pictures in the first comment.


dont waste any more of your time. The deal doesnt exist.


got anything constructuve to add to this thread. Holidaypirates deals all seem to go hot yet arent really available once you look into them closer. Should be banned tbh


can somebody tell me any dates where this is available to philadelphia and how to find them? i can't seem to. all help appreciated. i am quite flexible but would like to make a short visit to philly and don't mind travelling through plces like geneva and venice (i'd stop in chamonix to hike for a day or two and venice is always good for a pizza). i'm a sucker for cheap airfares.


alright mate give it a rest, you don't like holiday pirates, we get it


Good price, but Alitalia are shocking, we went once with them to Cairo, worst flight ever, shocking food, plane was tiny for the amount of people, crappy pilot, was all shocking. British Airways all the time!


anyone help, price is coming up more


The price now is coming up at £281, from LHR to Cairo, dates are 15/06/09 to 27/06/09, or does anyone else have any cheaper quotes for these dates. Can fly from Manchester too. thank you


Ah man , wished i never did this now , are they really this bad? i got stuck in an airport once for hours on end , i couldnt go all through that again , once was enough , drove me mad.


Still enjoying taking taxpayers money to pay for the loss!

£440 -- Tokyo from London (Return) - Including taxes
Found 10th Oct 2007Found 10th Oct 2007
London via Rome to Tokyo Travel dates: Nov to Mar 2008 Good fares to Tokyo usually come in at around the £550 mark, but there is this amazing deal from Alitalia for only £440 r… Read more

Please note that the link posted are note the one that give them credit. The aim of hotukdeals is to help the users to get the best deals around. Not everybody is registered with travelzoo and previous users were more than happy to enjoy the good deals. Thus I DO NO GET any credit/cash/rewards for posting these offers. I try to help. ;-)


i think this is a bit out of order - travelzoo get referral business from there links, so STOP taking the credit and let them get the credit (and cash!!). :!: you've been doing this for ages, posting travelzoo offers - post THEIR links!! :evil:


Why dont you post all the special offers ;)