All 2nd gen ipods clearence at PC world while stoks last!!!

All 2nd gen ipods clearence at PC world while stoks last!!!

Found 29th Sep 2007
With the release of the 3rd gen ipod's PC world is selling the 2nd gen ipods.

I-pod Shuffle from £48.97

I-pod Nano from £69.00

I-pod video from £149.00

This specia offer is only while stocks last, Hurry!!
- andyfisher100


Are you sure you've got your generations right? I think it's second gen shuffle, 3rd Nano and 7th Ipod. Either way, the prices still aren't great I'm afraid. There were better prices on them than that here last year.

Welcome to HUKD andyfisher100

Haha, 2nd gen iPods? are you sure?

Having said that, my 10gb 2gen is still going strong, might upgrade soon though.

thats expensive for a shuffle i got a brand new one for sale sealed for like £40.

the video 5th gen 80 gig (£159) is no cheaper then the newest 6th gen 80 gig also £159. first ime voting but gonna have to vote this cold as way better deals out there at the moment like tescos giving points, dixons wheres theres codes, egg card discount and quidco.

Is it me, or are the new 3rd Gen RED Nano not stocked as well as the other colours?

so cold ...its arctic....

i was under the impression, that the RED was only sold in apple
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