All 5 Steam Games Free Again - Gun Monkeys, Dino D-Day, Really Big Sky, SpaceChem, GTR Evolution @ BundleStars/PC Gamer

All 5 Steam Games Free Again - Gun Monkeys, Dino D-Day, Really Big Sky, SpaceChem, GTR Evolution @ BundleStars/PC Gamer

Found 31st Jul 2014
Our five-week, five-million-key giveaway has come to an end. Here's the thing: we've still got some Steam keys left over. This, then, is Giveaway Redux. Over the next few days, you have one final chance to grab a bundle of five games. That's $40 of entertainment, for free. If you missed any of our featured games from the last five weeks—SpaceChem, Dino D-Day, Really Big Sky, Gun Monkeys or GTR Evolution—they're all now back, and available to claim just one last time. Head below for this final set of free Steam keys.

As always, we're running this giveaway in association with Bundle Stars, a digital store that sells a wide range of games, and arranges them into bundles to offer discounts of up to 97%. You'll also find plenty of discounts on individual games on their front page. Newly available this week is the Reboot 6.0 Bundle, which lets you grab Postal, Expeditions: Conquistador, Knytt Underground, Blockland, Steel Storm: Complete Edition and Rock of Ages for an astonishingly low price. Buy it before 1st August, 4pm BST, and this bundle of Steam games, worth $67, can be yours for just £1.49/$1.99.

This last chance giveaway will close forever on Sunday, 3rd August, at midnight PST. Be warned, once the keys are gone, they're gone for good, and may well run out before the deadline. Grab them now, before it's too late.
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Cheers pal, Missed Gun Monkeys.
nice! and they have trading cards too!
Booooooo Facebook.

Booooooo Facebook.

I used our lasses, Just set one up for stuff like this.
I'm addicted to Dino D-Day thanks to this promotion.
Cheers. Heat added. YNWA
I'd already collected them each week but it lets me claim them again, so am gifting to friends. Cheers
Excellent, I'd missed all of these!
Thanks just grabbed mine, head added!

Thanks OP!


Booooooo Facebook.

Just use the dummy Facebook account.

Also, I already had Dino D-Day, somehow, so here it is if anyone wants it: R2YY6-3XQ8B-PJGR3

anyone got spare keys? it doesnt seem to let me redeem any of the keys myself
doesnt evenw ork for me. i put my email address in and click the button and it just disappears. don't get email or anything

Booooooo Facebook.

get a grip
Already have Spacechem so key for anyone who wants it.
Does anyone please have a spare Gun Monkeys key as they have all gone.

Thanks in advance
Miss Gun monkeys too...

If anyone has a spare copy I'd appreciate a copy too - thanks!
me too, cheers!
hot for GTR Evo
Don't have facebook and when i try to sign up it asks for my mobile number. Don't really want to give that out

Anyone kind enough with a spare facebook account to get some game codes for me pls.

Dino D Day: TAMGZ-22NF6-LXF2J

GTR Evolution: 48G6A-K3L4M-5WGFC

The others I took sadly!
Nice making my steam account beefy
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