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Posted 1 September 2022

All Bar One Two free drinks every week, from 8pm until close with O2 Priority

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The 2 Free drinks deal with O2 priority now includes All Bar One. This deal is available every Thursday after 8pm. You can use only one code in the offer group (O’Neills etc or this one) not both. Offers don’t have an end date so could be withdrawn at any point. Please note that the other free drinks offer has been going out of stock within an hour or so as it became more popular. All you have to do is screenshot the QR code at the start time and it’ll work within the time restraints.


Not too hot, not too cold – is September secretly the best month to step outside? Pair the perfect weather with a perfectly poured pint with an upgraded Thirsty Thursday.

That’s because you can sit back and enjoy two free drinks every Thursday from 8pm onwards at your local All Bar One venue across the UK.

Every All Bar One is different but expect food from tapas-style plates to nutritious power foods, a warm welcome, and scroll stopping cocktails.

First date? Go for it. Catch up with Mum? Sure thing. Post-work chat? We gotcha.

Choose from a range of complimentary cold ones from new kids on the block, Aperol Spritz cocktail or Sailors Swirl cocktail, to old favs like house Pinot Grigio or Cab Sauv, or pints of Amstel, bottles of Peroni and bottled soft drinks. Cheers to that.
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It's either O'Neills or, not both.
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    Hi. Just reading your post, are you saying that a screenshot will work outside of the 15 minutes it says you have to use it? I usually click the use now button when I am at the bar but wouldn't be able to get out until 7pm tonight by which time the codes have usually run out so wasn't going to bother. If a screenshot would work though....would be great!
    Yeah, I always screenshot my code and I have used multiple screenshots sent from friends and family up until the 8pm cut off.
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    Blessed are those in Wimbledon. Free drink at O'Neills from 5 to 8 and than another Free drink in the bar next door from 8pm.
    Nice, 4 pints of super strength illegal cider will get you ready for hung over Friday.
    O2 Gregg's codes for coffee and bacon rolls.
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    I remember going to boots in London for a £1 meal deal, locking my device and going to the next for another getting like 7-10 meal deals in a day
    O2 ain’t smart are they haha.
    You are the reason we can’t have nice things. Remember wuntu ?
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    This now appears on my app but the link isnt working at this moment. Perhaps after 8pm
  5. Avatar
    Wow, out of stock within minutes
    I think it's only available to use at one or the other venue, not both - they're part of the same offer group
  6. Avatar
    Anyone need a spare?
  7. Avatar
    The codes werent working at the all bar one i went to. They just gave out the drinks and glanced at the barcode over the bar.
  8. Avatar
    The codes weren't working in Reading either, but didn't give out any drinks.
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    48143938-YUtkD.jpgPlease say one used.
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    Doesn't start until 8 Sep - you can use both oneills and this one I've done it in the past
    Offer renews every week, this offer started on Thursday 1st September.

    You can also only use one code in the offer group, not both. Similar to the greggs friday offer, sausage roll or pizza, not both. (edited)
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    So you can use o neills and all bar one on the same night?
    No just one
  12. Avatar
    Anyone have any o neills codes for tonight left? They've run out on priority now. I can swap for up to 4 all bar one codes after 8?
    DM-ed you
  13. Avatar
    Anyone want code lmk
  14. Avatar
    Couldn’t get the all bar one code to work. Anyone have any luck
  15. Avatar
    Anyone have any tonight
    do you still need a code for toinght?