All Barbecues Half Price at Asda (in store)
All Barbecues Half Price at Asda (in store)

All Barbecues Half Price at Asda (in store)

As I was leaving the 'Mosborough' ASDA, A worker was in the process of marking down all the BBQs.

The portable one at £10 was attractive, but didnt fight the crowd to grab one.

Unsure of exact models or if this is store specific, the BBQs were just as you walk in upstairs.


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Just looked on the website, they only seem to do Landmann and Uniflame. I don't think these brands were in store, the ones in store looked like cheaper brands etc...

I might pop into asda to check, anyone else confirm its just the cheaper BBQs instore

Just been to wakefield (durkar) store and they weren't unfortunately so may be store specific

Only a measley £5 or £10 knocked off there overpriced stuff in Hull

Some reductions at metrocentre

all the garden stuff was reduced along with the barbecue stuff in my local asda (hunts cross)
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Making room for the Christmas kit oO

Only 10% to 20% reductions in the Mansfield store. Thanks anyway.

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According to her in doors who supplies Asda, its range change time, so further drops will be due anytime now.
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