All Barilla Sauce and Pasta 1/2 Price @ Tesco

All Barilla Sauce and Pasta 1/2 Price @ Tesco

Found 19th Feb 2018
All varieties of the Barilla sauce are currently 1/2 price or £1 at Tesco. Some consider these the best Italian Sauce - even going as far as calling it the Ferraris amongst them That judgement I leave for another day - but these are certainly good.

Flavours on offer are :

Also on 1/2 price offer currently are the Barilla Pasta/Spaghetti packs so 75p instead of the usual £1.50:


Endorsed by the unmatchable Federer

Hope it helps someone.
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'alexa' add to shopping bag
Tried it once but too sweet for me.
Barilla is an actual Italian brand of pasta etc. Unlike Napolina...

I know because I am Italian
I never like to pay full price for pasta sauce and consequently buy what's on sale, often ending up with some evil tasting sh*t. Barilla is great though so I will be stocking up!
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