All Bluetooth Headsets Buy One Get One Half Price @ Carphone Warehouse.. = 5.05% TCB!!
This offer is across the entire range of bluetooth headsets on the carphone warehouse.

Prices for 1 start at £12.99 for a budget one ranging to £69.99 for the Jawbone Prime. These end up coming to £52.50 each.

The Jabra Stone is also £69.99 for one, or 2 for £104.99. £52.50 each.

Some headsets are reduced in price and also available with this offer.

Ideal if you are after a bluetooth headset and know someone else who needs one. Always the option to sell the 2nd one..


Is it one for each ear?

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Hey, Could do i guess! Don't know if your phone will connect to 2 bluetooth headsets simultaneously..

Seriously though, i've got 2. One which stays in the car and the other for the ps3.. Went for the LG-HBM235.. Really good for sound and battery life..


Is it one for each ear?

hot deal if you have a partner or a friend?
Prime is now down to £45 and its an awesome headset

CPW accessories are hideously overpriced anyway
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