All boxed Christmas cards 99p INSTORE at WH Smith
I called into my local branch of WH Smith (Broughton) this afternoon and all their boxed Christmas cards were reduced to 99p. They had quite a selection - a few different packs of 30 (full price £6.99) and lots of 10 packs (full price £4.99 or £3.99). Plenty of stock at 2.30pm.

Assume this is national but would be good if someone could confirm if the same reductions are in other stores


Didnt notice any cards in the Rochdale branch as i was rushing...but i did notice the wrapping paper was reduced to 99p a roll, will go back tomorrow and have a proper look. I purchased loads last year @5p a roll so dont actually need anymore but am still looking lol!!
*update, yes the boxed cards are also 99p, though not many to choose from.
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Lots and lots to choose from in Newark.
I think I now have enough Christmas cards for the next 5 years!
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