All Calendars & Diaries Half Price @ M&S
afaik this is both online and instore

discount is applied when added to your basket



Thanks for this, they have some very cute calenders

Also Free delivery and 15% off using codes - plus cashback.


Also Free delivery and 15% off using codes - plus cashback.

What are the codes?

Hi, when do they take the 50% off, what codes and cashback from what site?


Found codes on moneysavingexpert.com

Can you give us the codes please - I can't find them on moneysavingexpert.com. Cheers

thanks for this, ordered two couldnot find code on MSE though.

PERWEB01 for free delivery, PERWEB06 may give 15% off.

Excellent - both codes worked for me - got a family organiser (that I bought full price £9.50 last week but will return) and an A5 diary delivered for £5.95!!!

Brilliant. Been waiting for this deal (it was on last year). Thanks for posting!

Thank you worked a treat! 2 calenders £3.50 delivered

Both codes work, got a calender £1.22 delivered. Thanks heat added.

Great thanks both codes worked for me aswell, got two £9.50 ones 1 £6 one and a £5 one all for £10.50 delivered. Heat added. xx

Nice discount but perfectly good 2011 calendars and diaries in Poundland - and of M&S quality too.
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Thanks for this! Great deal. I ordered a few diaries, checked out and then decided I would get a few more, but when I put the PERWEB01 code in it wouldn't work again for me (did the first time - thanks Sheriff!), so I just entered PERWEB02 and it applied the free delivery - just a tip if the first code doesn't work for anyone else.

Brilliant Thanks

Usually hope for a half price one in the after christmas sale, now I know its sorted and was delivered for less than half the price, plus cashback!

Thanks got the kitchen planner delivered for £2.62

great deal - thanks for posting

Thanks - £22 of diaries and calendars delivered for £8.80!!

Brilliant deal - thanks for the heads up HOT from me.

2x Wallace & Gromit Calendars delivered for £3.50

That's my Parents and my Brothers Christmas presents sorted X)

discount works on the wine offer too

Just bought 3 calenders and a diary for under £8 - fab deal. Thanks

Thanks for this, another few christmas presents out of the way
Both codes accepted.

PERWEB01 for free delivery
PERWEBO6 for another 15% off your order

Thanks great price with both codes!

great deal!!!! 2 codes are working fine. Thanks.

Thank you

codes not working any longer

Thanks a lot, OP. Almost bought a calendar in-store on Saturday. Glad I didn't now - will order tonight.



codes not working any longer

Hope they honour orders using them!

I got this plus christmas hamper using vouchers!

You lot have bought all the family planners, grrrrr :oP


You lot have bought all the family planners, grrrrr :oP

1 in particular? Quite a few family calendars there still in stock

FREE Delivery code works, 15% off code does not

Try PERWEB05...worked for me!


Try PERWEB05...worked for me!

Thanks PERWEB05 worked for me too!

bought 4 diaires and 2 calenders - should of been £37 paid £14.80 delivered! 15% off didn't work but got 10% using PERWEB05

Try PERWEB27 for 12.5% off.

Thanks, this is a great deal, ordered 3 calenders about 2 hours ago and 15% and free delivery worked. heat added

Not much choice left but still got a good one and free delivery also.
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