All chocolate bars 25p at Woolworths Instore

All chocolate bars 25p at Woolworths Instore

Found 10th Dec 2008
Boost, Dairy Milk, Mars, Twix, etc... the whole lot, 25p each at Wooloworths. Not sure if it is Nationwide but it was at Uxbridge Woolworths today. I bought a bagfull


Far too many people use them as a sweets shop especially for the "Pick n Mix" , thats why their business was not good enough.

Wahoo! Hot! (Books dentist appointment) :thumbsup: Milka's my favourite, and Woolies is only 5 minutes away. So much for the diet.

been to the birmingham 1... no bargains at all...

Heading to the Big W at Parkhead Forge tomorrow.

Seek & ye shall find!

i know were my daughter will be tomorrow
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