All christmas Cheese - Half Price - Sainsbury's from 50p

All christmas Cheese - Half Price - Sainsbury's from 50p

Found 26th Dec 2017
From 50p for the little rounds, £1.50 for Stilton half wedge, big gift packs, all half price. Worth looking if you’re in your local
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32913289-rahpP.jpgJust got this for 4 quid
Nice deal - not for me, I'm not a cheese fan - but it'd be a nice post-Christmas treat for others. Not in the Sainsburys Local near us tho (but they are poopy... so fingers crossed for other stores)
More cheese?
Good deal, but having trouble thinking about food today. Had way too much to eat and drink yesterday.
I wouldn't describe any of that processed fat ad cheese.......
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I recall getting those stilton wheels for 1pm a Christmas or two back. I cut them into portions, froze them and saved them for soups and sauces
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