All Dogs Go To Heaven £2.99 @ Amazon &

All Dogs Go To Heaven £2.99 @ Amazon &

Found 26th Mar 2010
All Dogs Go To Heaven £2.99 @ Amazon &

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From the same "kennel" as An American Tail, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN was a favourite for all children (and adults) when it was first released in 1989 and now it's destined to attract a whole new generation of fans.

Burt Reynolds provides the voice for Charlie B. Barkin, a loveable canine rogue who's been doing time in the dog-pound for his sins. With the help of his faithful friend Itchy (Dom De Luise) he escapes and discovers that his previous partner-in-crime, Carface (Vic Tayback) is now incredibly wealthy. Not only that, but Carface has decided that Charlie is now superfluous and wipes him out.

At the pearly gates he's refused entry to heaven by the Heavenly Whippet (Melba Moore) as it seems that there is no evidence of Charlie doing any good deeds during his lifetime. Charlie returns to earth where he discovers Carface's secret - a little orphan girl with the remarkable ability to talk to animals, who Carface uses to predict racing winners.

Charlie kidnaps Ann-Marie, hoping to ruin Carface and make a fortune at the races, but Ann-Marie believes she has found a good pal. The pair are united in a delightful musical adventure through the animated-animal population of the underworld of New Orleans.

All manner of rascally criminals are pursuing Ann-Marie, but with the help of reformed German shepherd Charlie, she defeats them. This is a classic childrens' fantasy adventure film, packed with thrills, laughter, and puppy love

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My sister used to love this film when we were younger. I think she still has it on VHS.
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