ALL DOMAINS £4.99 +vat (£5.86) @ LCN

ALL DOMAINS £4.99 +vat (£5.86) @ LCN

Found 21st Oct 2010
The Big Domain Sale Is Now On!

ALL DOMAINS(not .co) are £4.99 +vat

For a limited time you can register your domain names at cost price.
Just £4.99 for and .com domains, that's the cheapest in the UK!
Simply search for your domain names above to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Used this company for a lot of domains & never had any problems.

Looks like HUKD is no longer an LCN affiliate go to


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Link points to something beginning with … Link points to something beginning with Looks a bit dodgy.

Looks like HUKD is no longer an LCN affiliate go to

No I think LCN are no longer with Affiliatefuture.
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Thanks for that. i was Thinking about getting a domain name this week. Luckily The one I was thinking of was avaliable.

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Just had another look & it's all domains not just & .com

£4.72 @ go daddy.
Do lcn still do 25% quidco deal ?

Luke warm at best and cold for anything besides can be found cheaper elsewhere ie:

LCN: £4.99 + 17.5% = £5.86/$9.21

Namecheap (coupon GETITCHEAPER):
.biz .org .us domains for £5.60/$8.81
.com .net domains for £5.78/$9.10

this would have been nice yesterday with the QiQ deal! heat added though good deal.

Voted hot. Maybe slightly cheaper elsewhere but I've heard good things about LCN and would rather register my domain(s) with someone highly recommended than save a few pence.

I have several with them. They aren't going anywhere, and if you wanted to move them to another company you can do it easily. This is important as there is nothing worse than wanting to move and finding your way blocked.

Their telephone support lines are dreadful, expect to be in queue position 9 - 8 - 7 etc for around 50 minutes before getting through to a real human - but you have web control of most things so you shouldn't have to phone them often, if at all.

Cheapest so far. Foudn them under my own searches.
Just transferring from GoDaddy @ £7per year!

I'm looking to register a domain name and to use it to receive email via Outlook and webmail. Would this fit the bill?

I don't think so just on it's own, no. You could forward any emails to another address but for outlook you need the services of a mail server, for which another charge will come.

Here you go - from £10.50 a year for incoming/outgoing mail which you could set up in Outlook easily:

You could use that to set up 10 different mailboxes, [email protected], [email protected] etc. (or 50 if you went for the £21 a year one but 10 would be more than enough for most of us.

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