All Easter eggs now half price at Sainsburys.

All Easter eggs now half price at Sainsburys.

Found 2nd Apr
Celebrations large egg was £1.50,Malteasers medium 62p,sainsburys medium 49p.
I'm sure there are plenty more
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Not in my local just been in and all still full price
Did you scan any?
No I asked a member of staff
All the Easter stuff was online at half price from Thursday, yet not instore - poor delivery drivers then had to return loads of stuff as all the online orders that were scanned out on tills scanned at full price and they have no way to honour online prices in the field
Half price at Wadsley Bridge store, just got Peter and Flopsy ones
Tried a bit of a galaxy chocolate egg yesterday, it was pretty awful.
Ferrero £5
Lindt bunny £2.50
Lindt egg £3
Crunchie £1.50
Just got a daim one! Pretty excited. Happy Easter me!
Does it include kinder egg too
Not a great deal left in my local, but what they have is half price
Quite a few things seemed over priced still so I didn't leave with much- they did have the big bags of golden eggs for £2 which was good but not all the actual Easter eggs were 50% off in my store
Cream Egg one for £1.50 too
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